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[VIC] Specs and stats of Vic Police XR6 sedans ?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. Looking for some info on the performance stats of Vic Police's XR6 unmarked highway pursuit vehicles.

    Non turbo'd is what I believe I'm after.

    Presumably they're stock with a performance chip. What does that actually mean for the standard stats that you can find about the place?

    Thanks in advance folks.


  2. what's an XR6? this is the only one I could find. I don't think the cops use them though as they are only a 49.7cc engine?

  3. my aaaah .........relative in VicPol tells me the Fords are standard
    (the Ford ECU is unalterable apparently)

    unlike the Holdens...which get a complete new performance control board from Bosch
    ...the results of this are about an extra 30kws :twisted: and enhanced auto control

  4. drop envy-t a pm, he seems to know a bit about what goes into the cop cars
  5. Smitty, I was under the impression it has been cracked now?

    Rob, I was of the belief that they only used turbos and 8's for HP cars? :?
  6. Remembering the “Animated†state the previous topic covering this subject attained, If it was anyone else I’d think you were trawling mate.
  7. It's a genuine question - specifically about XR6's and more specifically those used in particular by Corio TMU.

    *Hands Matti some glasses* ...see the word sedan in the title??

    I'll have a look for the other thread FL

    Thanks Smitty, Dougz, Triway.
  8. I had enough glasses on the weekend! What's a sedan? :wink:
  9. The XRS are as you and I would buy them Rob. Apart from holes and a heavy duty alternator and performance brakes, if they are available for that model.

    The Turbos run anything from 13.8 to 14.5 down the qtr depending on trans and driver. Power wise anything from 180 to 210 odd rwkws is what to expect.
  10. With plenty more very easily accessible...... :-w :grin:
  11. Yep. Like my little snot chariot! Looks stock cept for the wheels but runs 12.1 on street tyres!
  12. And mine...... :grin:

    (former) :cry:

  13. Cool!! I admit I love my car, it's fun, especially when it's wet! :twisted:
  14. Thanks for that info Envy.

    So what are the typical 0 -100km, 100-200km/h, 0 - 400m times? I haven't had a solid look around yet, but my casual searches have brought up some varying info. Do you have a preferred site for this sort of info?

    Cheers mate.
  15. Rob. There's no performance chip and any statistics on a cop car would probably be slower as they're carting a lot of crap around with them. Whereas whenever manufacturers publish stats on a car, it's done with 95Ron petrol on a perfect day, perfect road, right tyres and a bloody good driver.

    As for the XR6, it's just a dressed up Falcon that's been lowered a bit. Stats on the XR6 do not vary much from the Falcon.


    It's a slow car and I didn't think they used them as HWP cars. Are you sure it wasn't an XR6T? The skirts just say XR6 on them.
  16. I've got a Futura Running XR Running gear + the usual exhaust and intake mods... with the CAPA flash tune. (This could be the mysterious "Computer Chip" mod you've heard about)

    Makes 158RWKW and ran 15.1 Down the quarter.

    So i'd say the cops wouldnt have the exhaust mods/intake mods.. and would weigh a bit more.

    BUT If they have BFII's... they are about 300Kg lighter than the BA, and if they are running the 6 speed Auto... they are good for a 14.5 pass with no mods.
  17. i don't think that is correct...30kg maybe
  18. No way... My car is 1890 Dry.. BFII is 1610kg Dry. Or something along those lines.

    EDIT: Might try and get some firm figures... lol :LOL:

    EDIT: Depending on model... weights can vary UP to 240kg. So comparing a Futura to an XR may not have been the best idea... that, and my inflated figures aside... the BF is Lighter :p
  19. 15.1?? Have you got lead in the boot???
  20. yeah try and compare kerb weights of a BA XR6 with a BF2 XR6..see what you get and let me know