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[VIC] Spanner Night, Wed Oct 22nd

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Brett Harrington

    Spanner Night coming up 7pm 22/10/08 at Madbikers Workshop. 91 Dorset Rd, FTGully, 3156. Free entry, learn how to inspect your bike thoroughly, meet and greet other riders, fire questions, learn tips and tricks of the trade.

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  2. Sounds good. I'll be there.
  3. If this is still on count me & Jadey in :grin:
  4. Brett is an awesome mechanic, I serviced my 250 with him back 2 years. Good to see him back.

    I will be there, just call the mobile number and book in your attendance, easy done. :grin:
  5. I'll most probably be there :grin:
  6. Just noticed this store last week, a couple of minutes from home. I'm on night shift this Wed so I miss out. Start 6:30. :(

    They advertise they do maintenance courses on bikes there. Should be good.
  7. I'll be there :)
  8. damn it! work made me work late so i've missed it! next time :(
  9. Sorry Brett, couldn't drag my lazy arse down there tonight - tough day at work, but I'll definitely be there for the for the 10,000. Didn't know you frequented netrider. Hope you enjoyed the BBQ. Thanks for the gear lever adjustment. Much better now. Still keen for that paddock stand though - the cheap one!
  10. :( ... I ended up picking up a new fuel primer for a whipper snipper and ended up tuning that up a bit too long and missed it :oops:
  11. Was a great night. Went through a lot of topics and general checks on bikes, and also some more 'advanced' stuff that I didn't know the check or how to do.

    Highly recommended for anyone who owns a bike, I'll be spending some time cleaning and lubricating my bike properly over the weekend....

    and it was free!
  12. can we organise another one of these perhaps before end of year... would love to make it....
  13. Great night, well presented.

    Thanks Brett

  14. I can't believe I missed out on this due to stupid work, I was dying to attend!!

    I'll definitely come to the next one!!

  15. I only just saw this!
    Missed out, whens the next one?
  16. Sorry couldn't make it along last night but was in too much pain to make it out :mad:

    Hopefully will be able to make the next one?!