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[VIC] Spanner Night April 2nd from 7pm, Thu Apr 2nd

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Bamm-Bamm

    Having a spanner night this Thursday, have chain and sprockets to do on an SV1000 and probably Nibors VTR-250 along with brake fluid change, spark plugs etc...

    There is quite a lot of work to be done so we may not beableto do much more than these 2 ...

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  2. Address please!!!

    Will the puppy dog be there?
  3. I'll be getting some Personal Training, but around the corner from you, if I can still walk afterward I'll pop in see whats-what :grin:
  4. I'll be there to supervise as Bamm Bamm kinda gets excited when he's got a spanner in his hand... Must think it's something else :LOL: :LOL: And to keep a keen eye on what's happening on my bike :grin:

  5. No puppy dog but you can play with my pus... cat :wink:

    PM sent
  6. i'm going to try make port80s the night before... and then i'll try make it to this too. the more i do the more i learn :LOL:
  7. nuts mate!

    just done the oil/oil filter/air filter myself with a useful hand from mum :LOL:
    doing the sprockets tomorrow arvo at a friend's place as its fookin dangerous and i really want to replace it ASAP :?

    will still need to do the sparkies but they should be quick, and im thinking about fork oil/springs. would that be do-able at yours or? if you could PM me your addy please.

    thanks again for the offer mate :grin:
  8. Sorry mate, I'll be having surgery earlier that day and smashed outta my noggin on a morphine cocktail by the time you guys are playing with spanners! Haha!

    I'm completely shattered I can't make this episode of 'Tool Time', but we should definitely make this a more regular fixture for us Mexicans! :grin:

    I used to be a car mechanic and have a full arsenal of tools, but working on bikes is a bit different (ie I'm a bit tentative since not having one for a few years) so I'm mad keen to learn as much as possible on these nights.

    In a few months time I'm happy to volunteer my garage/tools/time/knowledge for one of these sessions, so long as people don't mind a trip to Ballarat. If your bike is in 'that' bad a condition and an ideal 'tinkering machine' and unrideable then I probably can arrange transport with my dads van on a weekend even! Haha!
  9. delete post

  10. If i can be arsed i might turn up for a giggle
  11. for those coming tomorrow, drive straight up the driveway to the end we are the last unit...just listen for the laughter, grunting and cursing :)
  12. Ahhhh ... would've liked to attend this! :?
    If nothing else, sounds like a lotta fun :p

    But Dang! just found this thread and have other commits ... :roll:

    Will keep a closer eye out for the next spanner nite :grin:

    @ mbikeboy: speedy recovery mate :grin:
  13. got me some sparkies, coolant, and brake fluid. wont take more than 15min to do the sparkies i dont think, no idea with the liquids but i wouldnt think too long :)
  14. thanks to keith and shannon opening up there place for u last night, was a great night, and good to catch up with a few i don't see as much as i should.

    So when the next one, we can do sync throttle bodies if ya like :wink:
  15. and a couple of chains too :wink:
  16. Yeah, let me know when you have the Duke back and you can do the chain and sprockets on the zed...
  17. I know nothing :bolt:
  18. thanks for holding it mate... was good to see a little bit (i learnt how to NOT do a chain :p ) and also meet more riders :grin:

    cheers, ash
  19. we noticed :p :p

    cheers for hosting mate, access to tools other than myself is greatly appreciated :grin:

    c u this arvo!
  20. aah damn i missed out.
    I just got the bike yesterday and i have no clue how to change the oil ><
    its got car oil inside and need to get motorbike oil in!

    oh well...anymore of these events to help me?