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[VIC] Spanner Day, Sun Jul 9th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Jun 22, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: VtrBob

    Due to popular demand Myself and PNUT will be putting on a supervised SELF maintanance day. On the sunday the 9th july

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  2. cool sounds great. can i book myself in and also fireblade, we will both be there.
  3. Yeah i should turn up here too i guess :roll: Please note that this is for people that have been before to one of these
  4. I'm in! I'lll need a oil change about then.
  5. ok we have so far : Can you pm me if your a looker want to work on your bike pls But the spots are filling up quick.

    Goosh : Bike work
    Fireblade : Bike work
    Miss DJ : ?????????
    Undii : Bike Work ( yes i have a 27mm socket )
    Grunge : Bike work
    Pebas : Newbie to NR and a nice PM asking to come along for the day :)
    NoRush : Another Newbie onlooker

    PS: I'll put the BBQ on again for those attending, and remember PNUT loves XXXX :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: kidding mateeeeeeee :LOL: anything but xxxx :LOL: , and myself : udl sambuca/scotch etc :twisted:
  6. hmmm.. XXXX, i wonder if PNUT enjoyed the XXXX.
  7. Thanks Bob,

    Will definitely be there again!! :grin:
    I'm happy to bring own meat or chip in for the BBQ... just let us know?!?

    I'll have the xxxx for PNUT as requested :wink: and will bring the same again for you Bob, hope what we brought last time was ok??

    See you guys there... can't wait, first self oil change on the bike & no more paying the bike shop to do the minor stuff :grin:

    Greatly appreciate the time being given for this Bob & PNUT... hopefully I can give back to the Netrider Community as you have both done!!
  8. yeah how did you like the flavoured water PNUT... I forgot to ask :LOL:

    sorry mate, I hope you've paid the guys back that did the dirty on you :eek:
  9. May i ask where this will be held at?
    Maybe a map might even help for those who are unfamilar with the area.

  10. It's in Berwick, and details will be provided via PM once numbers are all locked in :)
  11. I'll be up for it too. Don't wanna miss this one, last one with PNUT was great. What times the gathering? Got the 5am Soccer Game that morning so will be up early. :)
  12. My bike will be one of the bikes gettin an oil & filter also possability of getting some new sbk pads thrown in there aswell. Hydrolic clutch fluiid might be a possibility aswell :shock:
  13. Are the numbers locked in? Heh.. I got brake pad just in case I need to change them. It was 20% off, so definitely worth it. :]
  14. if there is room, please count me in! im gonna cage it though because that's pretty far and im too new to riding. so i'll just be an onlooker i guess :)
  15. gotta pull out, other things to do, maybe next time
  16. I will have to wait for the next round :(
  17. Had a fantastic day today, everything was fun fun fun plus lots of things learnt :) Only bad thing was I put a tiny scratch on the 675. I was walking the bike down the driveway onto the road and my gimpy arm didn't like holding the bike up and it slipped out of my control. I tried to compensate the failing with pulling the bike to centre it or use me as a brace. Semi luckily I managed to get the bike to fall towards me instead of my bad side and laid the bike gently on me + the road. Just a very small scratch on the stator cover.

    At least I have found the first bit of bling to buy, carbon fibre stator cover hehe

    Something similar to this:


    And a nice video taken at a cool moment with my phone. :grin: Should play in windows media player easily or a player like VLC. :)

  18. Good thing you bought them along hey :p and we wont mention the sphinter tighening when we found out the sump plug had a helicoil improperly fitted and came half out with the plug, hey :p

    One thing we did pick up was sezied chain adjusters, and rather than jump in and break/strip any threads.
    It was wisely decieded to book it in asap to a bike shop and let them fix that problem ( the chain is only 'just' in need of adjustment ) and further tinkering could have made the bike inoperable or unsafe. :?

    All in all a reasonable showing with 3 bikes getting worked on, plus a good example of when you should leave well enough alone and left to the "pro's" that have better tools/access to replacment parts on hand.

    Undii : Chain adjustment
    Emjaye : Oil/filter
    Grunge : Oil/filter (almost chain adjustment) and sump plug trouble :p Brake pads 90% worn on the front !

    PNUT & Rhea ( late but at least they turned up ) :LOL: :LOL: :p
    Myself / Nadeen
  19. Bob,

    Definitely good thing I bought them along!
    Mental Note: If I can't see how much MM's is left on my brake pads, then it's prolly time to change it! :p

    Again, Bob, thanks so much for your help and you + Nadeen's hospitality!
    Definitely learnt a helluvalot today, and had fun in the process! :]
  20. Definately will not miss the next round? When will it be?