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[Vic] Spanner arvo - Sat Oct 24

Discussion in 'VIC' started by GreyBM, Oct 21, 2009.

  1. A Spanner Afternoon is planned for next Saturday (24 Oct) at hawklord’s place, in Sunshine from about 1 pm onwards.

    The idea is to demonstrate a few basic mechanical procedures to mechanical noobs. Come along and learn how to wield a spanner and pick up a few basic skills that will not only help you look after your bike better but will also save a bit of money by doing some basic servicing yourself. We are hoping to demonstrate changing engine oil; adjusting and lubricating a chain; changing brake fluid and bleeding brake lines.

    If interested in coming PM hawklord for the address or just turn up to the Saturday morning car park practice at St Kilda Marina car park (see seperate thread for details) and we’ll ride over from there.

    We will try to answer any mechanical questions you have about your bike but if you have manual, it will help if bring it along.

    If food and drink required - BYO.

    Mods - This is in the calendar and I assumed it would appear here but I must have not ticked the box to make an automatic entry in the forum.

  2. Will probably drop in after work...
  3. How often does this sort of thing happen? I'll be very interested in one of these once I get my bike.

  4. People have organized them from time to time. Sometimes they have been run on a semi-regular basis. If there is interest they gather momentum and run for a while and as interest drops off they cease.

    Don't think we have had one for a bit but hawklord agreed to help someone with their brakes last week and I needed to do some work so I thought it was an opportunity to put on a show.

    The best way to run them is to have experienced people supervise while noobs work on their own bike. But that means people have to do a bit of organizing in advance.
  5. Just a follow up note to the above, if you intend to work on your bike
    please arrive with the necessary fluids etc.
    It would be nice if you were willing to take the old oil with you too but
    I'll find a way to get rid of it.....if I'm left with it.

    Everyone is welcome. tea coffee toilet and hand washing provided, if you want
    anything else, bring it with you.

    Plan to start about 1pm. Finish, if it goes that long will have to be about

  6. Thanks. Bike is so new, so I won't be changing any fluids yet. Interested in adjusting bars & levers etc and simple maintenance.
  7. Dave, I might be able to make it to this one if your interested in my special $2 carb sync tool and its use.
  8. Feel free to come along and if it's no drama to bring the MacManMikeManometer I am sure there will be people who are interested to see how simple it is to make. Though if we are covering basic servicing, carby syncing may be a bit ambitious.

    I know what they look like, cos I made one too although I must have the deluxe version since mine cost about $5. I won't be on the BMW but would be happy to chat about how you do it since whenever I try I can't get it to stay synced.
  9. You must have used a fancy 15 year old plank instead of my 30 year old piece of hardwood pallet timber.
  10. Quite a bit of interest, it seems.

    Anybody else???? PM me for the address or turn up at car-park practice in the morning.

  11. :facepalm: gotta work tomorrow but count me in for the next one... if I'm not working!
  12. Thanks for the day guys. Learnt heaps.

    Now all I want for Christmas is a torque wrench:grin:
  13. Thank for the gr8 avo :D can't wait until the next one :D
  14. Was a good afternoon, I hope everybody got something out of it.

    Even had a missing link.....:rofl:

  15. Thanks for the spannering demos. It's inspired me to take some more bits of my bike apart.
    Now off to get some bar-ends...
  16. Was good to catch up with everyone, sorry I couldn't stay longer...thanks Doug!!
  17. Thanks Doug, the arvo was very interesting...and absolutely entertaining! How's your sunburn? David has the reverse panda eyes syndrome... as do I, but to a lesser degree...damn sunnies! Thanks to David for showing the intricate removal of an oil filter and other informative aspects of the day.. :)
  18. Yeap thanks Doug......Sunburn and a broken toe LOL.......somebody kept kicking me for some strange reason.

    Cheers Bruce
  19. wasn't me :angel:

    Just one shot for now from spanner day ...

    everyone should check their chains on a regular basis ..

    this bikes chain lost a link that holds the chain together , if it wasn't picked up on Saturday ..
    it could've been a nasty end to a ride for the rider :eek:

    more pics to follow

    Attached Files:

  20. Even the split link didn't want to be seen on a Honda.....Understandable.