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[VIC] South West Tour 18-19 February - Pics Added

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by jd, Jan 21, 2006.

  1. Ride will be starting in Ballarat but won't be leaving till 10am so should provide enough time for Melbourne or Geelong riders to join (If need be I have a couple of sofa beds available for anyone wanting to come up Friday night - PM me for address/directions). Will be finishing up probably mid Sunday arvo which should provide people with enough time to get home. Saturday night stopover will be in Port Fairy, hoping to get there mid afternoon to allow plenty of time to kick back and relax.

    Start Point:Ballarat, BP Servo Creswick Road opposite the Showgrounds (take Midland Highway/A300 exit off Ballarat Bypass)
    Total Distance:Approx 700kms over 2 days
    Classification:Beginner tour, open to anyone capable of riding the distance at the speed limit.
    Accomodation:Book you're own, I'll be taking a tent but if you want to book yourself a motel/B&B whatever it's your choice.
    Ride Leader:probably me unless someone else wants the job

    Travel Route:
    Saturday: Head out along the Western Highway through Ararat with a quick stop to recover from a long, straight (heavily policed) and boring stretch of road. Then through Pomonal and Moyston to Halls Gap for lunch. From here will be heading south through Dunkeld and Penshurst onto Port Fairy. Total Distance Approx 300kms.

    Sunday: Head along the coast and onto the Great Ocean Road, stops in Port Campbell and Apollo Bay. Heading inland at Skenes Creek then doubling back to Ferguson and onto Colac (distance approx 300kms). Stop for lunch in Colac then it's another 100kms back to Ballarat, though if some people want to head to Geelong/Melbourne from Colac that's fine (Colac/Ballarat road is not that exciting)

    Route map (file size 888kb).
  2. Re: [VIC] South West Tour 18-19 February

    You are kidding?!?!? Aren't you?

    Lavers Hill to Apollo bay is possibly THE best part of the GOR, not too much traffic and easily overtaken when encountered, once at Apollo Bay turn inland along Skeens Creek Road, the only way to head inland by bike. Working in some of this is worth it and while in the Grampians if you can check out the road between Halls Gap and Zumsteins it should be a bit of fun...just be warry of the roos.
  3. Re: [VIC] South West Tour 18-19 February

    Good point, was working off the fact the Aus. Motorcycle Atlas lists Lavers Hill-Colac as one of its recommended rides but heading inland from Skenes Creek and doubling back at Haines Junction seems a better option so I'll change the route (still open to any more useful suggestions). Just really wanted to avoid the Apollo Bay-Torquay section since I've done it many times and at this time of year it's usually choked with holiday traffic (I don't mind passing on double white lines but wouldn't want to force anyone else on the ride to do the same to keep up).
  4. I might be in on this...
  5. Note that the final destination has now been finalised as Port Fairy. I'll be staying at the Belfast Cove Caravan Park which is not that busy that weekend (already checked) and has cabins available ranging from $55 to $90 a night for 2 people, tent sites are $20 for 2 people (extra 5 bucks for power). If you want to find other accomodation this link might be useful (can soon meet up at the nearest pub for dinner/drinks).
  6. I would love to be in on this ride, but it is my sister's "hens" night that weekend. :(
    Hopefully next time :)
  7. Hamilton-Port Fairy road is heavily policed, in fact the plod at macarthur (half way along) was the first regional cop to recieve the new hand held gun and also has a turbo forrester with roof mounted radar, speedsters is his hobby.

    much better off taking the Hamilton-Digby-Heywood-Portland route or the Hamilton-Condah-Tyrendarra track.
  8. I rode most of this route over 12/13 January on the VTR250, but started/returned North Melbourne. About 900km all up, returning through Apollo Bay/Torquay/Geelong because I hadn't ridden the GOR before.

    After Apollo Bay I got stuck behind three cars doing 60-70km and didn't have the power to safely overtake on the few opportunities. Good luck with less traffic on your ride.

    Stayed in Port Fairy YHA because I could not be bothered looking any harder for accommodation. :roll: $20 for a bunk.

    It was my first overnight trip and is pretty good first tour. Easy to do on a 250, so I recommend it to anyone who wants to do a longer trip but worries about the endurance of a 250.
  9. Was actually thinking of taking the more direct route through Dunkeld and Penshurst (updated original post - now has map), although don't plan on trying to set any land speed records on the trip (there's a limit to what a 250 loaded with camping gear can manage).
  10. Why not take in Erica & Yea then you've covered all the current bush fire areas in the one trip.

    The roads should be back to normal by then but you might want to ring the local police staions along the route to make sure the roads are "bike" friendly again before you head off.
  11. I would be up for this if it wernt for heat/cash/already have plans.

    hopefully the fires will all be cleared up by then :)
  12. You spoke to me about this the other day, and I'd actually like to do it. Pity I'll be in NZ that weekend for work. Shame. Best wishes for fair skies and no crap on the roads.
  13. Only two weeks to go (and still no takers :-s )
  14. *cough*
  15. Okay then, no confirmed takers (as yet) :p.
  16. ok, I'm in then (as long as I can book accomodation at the caravan park) as my tent is way toooooo huge to put on a bike :)

    I'll call the place later this arvo.. Actually I'll book it next week so I can check on weather forecast as well :)
  17. No worries, they did say that they weren't that busy that weekend but if they're booked out there's another caravan park next door. (http://www.anchorageportfairy.com/).
  18. Okay even though no Netriders (other than me) showed up for this figure I'll put up a bit of a ride report for those that might be thinking of making a similar trip themselves in the future.
    Trip almost ended very quickly just minutes after it started when some blind old bat pulled out just as I was going past - fortunately there was just enough room between her car and the centre traffic island (still couldn't see me even though I was level with her window :roll:). Other than that Saturday was pretty good, took the chance whilst in Ararat to make a quick run up One Tree Hill (fun bit of road) arriving in Port Fairy mid-afternoon which allowed plenty of time to set up camp and check out the town (can recommend the Stump Hotel for meals). Sunday's start was delayed after discovering a fuel leak on my mates 250 Bandit caused by a bad hose fitting. After stuffing around for a bit we finally removed the fuel tank and airbox and fixed it properly - as a result didn't set out till around 9:30. Made a brief breakfast stop in Warnambool before hitting the really fun stretch of road (Port Cambell to Apollo Bay). Fortunately traffic was extremely light in the Eastwards direction which meant only a brief stop in Lavers Hill (to allow my mate a chance to catch up to me) before pressing onto Apollo Bay (lunch at the first pub in town - very good meal). From there headed inland at Skenes Creek (another really good stretch of road) before hitting the long boring stretch from Colac to home. Apart from the one minor problem (caused by the fact my mate had just had his tank removed for repainting) both 250s made the 700~800km trip fully loaded with gear without any problems - the extra weight was certainly noticeable through some of the twistier sections though.
    Couple of Pics from the Weekend:
    One Tree Hill