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VIC - South Morang Motard track day Sunday 13/11/11

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by PBMT, Nov 12, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    I wanted to see who was interested in taking their motard, supermoto, 'tard or whatever you like to call it to "The Track" at South Morang. I plan on heading out there tomorrow, but the owners of the venue would like to know how many other potential riders will be there.

    The day is usually broken up into small sessions in between hire karts and sometimes privete karts. All in all it's not a bad day for under $50.

    If you're keen, post up and I'll see you there
  2. Can you take 'normal' bikes to this kind of thing?? I'd be keen with my fairing-less ZX6
  3. While it has been done ( R1, 125GP, Morawaki 80...that I have seen ) Sth Morang is too tight for larger road bikes, and there's not a lot of grip to be had. Run off is also limited.
    That said motards have fun here, plenty of opportunity to back it in, and also a dirt infield section.

    Note the tyre wall in the background....

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  4. Very interesting! I recon I'd give it a go. For 50 bucks why not!
  5. there is no dirt section
  6. It did when we used to race there, back when Bracksy had the place.
  7. Let me know when the next one is I'll bring the track bike down, could be a hoot!