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[Vic] So Freakin Windy!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by MattyB, Dec 22, 2006.

  1. Ugh!

    I went for a ride upto the shops to get some smokes, but my card didn't work so i figured i'd go upto broadmeadows, going over the freeway overpass, i had to downgear twice to keep 60! lol

    at the lights, i'm having to put both feet down wide to stop the bike from swaying so much, tis a freakin joke!

    Can't wait for this storm but!

  2. Yeah it rocks doesn't it Matty :)

    I was half way through a corner and the wind stood the bike up on me.

    I love this weather :D:D:D:D
  3. Yeah I went out and got blown today too.

    ...woops, that was a bit of a freudian c0ck. I mean a freudian slit. Slot! $LUT! AGH!
  4. I need a blow job. :)

    It's also pretty windy out there. :grin: :LOL:
  5. Definately windy out there, saw a tent wrapped around a powerpole that had obviously escaped from someones backyard :shock:.
  6. Those of us with Duck's Disease hate this weather. :shock:
  7. Riding home from the QV Market this arvo was fun - especially having a solid rear wheel which gives the wind that little something extra to push against.

    I'd almost forgotten about the joys of almost doing an unexpected, involuntary lane-change. :roll:
  8. I had a few interesting moments riding home this afternoon from work, but made it in one piece :)
  9. The things we do to get a packet of smokes. :LOL: Give them up Matty! They're bad.
  10. So's riding :p

    Bloody, tonight I pretty much accepted the fact that I'd drop the bike on my way home, but I made it in one piece!

    Pitch black roads, tinted visor, twisty pot holed roads, pouring down rain, coming home from a lonnnnnng days work, I was just waiting for me to fcuk up and drop it.

    Plus, I wasn't wearing my riding boots, which is even more stupid for me than just the safety sake.. when i'm not wearing my boots, I tend to become supersticious and ride jittery thinking i'll crash only because I'm not prepared for it. haha.
  11. I'd still like a blow job. :? Anybody? :grin:
  12. Try one of those cylindrical cheese graters :)
  13. :LOL: Seany. Poor thing. Good luck with it. :LOL:

    Matty - I smoke too, although I do plan on giving up in 07. It wont be early 07...most likely late 07...December or later. :LOL: When I lost my licence the doctor told me it was a good opportunity to get fit through walking. Much of the walking I did was to the shop to get smokes. :roll: :LOL:
  14. Lost licence? Sounds interesting?

    Seany, how'd you go with the BJ?

    And I can't believe it actually rained here, heavily, for a few hours.
  15. Mate, if you're not offering, you're not helping. :roll: :LOL:

    No luck so far, but you never know what the new day will bring. :grin:
  16. Seany...maybe start another thread, in the wanted section, you might have more luck :p

    Matty...The fact the you were convinced u were going to drop ur bike would have made u concentrate more therefore decreasing ur chances of going down :grin:
  17. I would think that the Mechanical, Maintenance, and Appearance topic would be more suited.

    Yes yes I know exactly what you're gonna say.....


    PS. mattyB give up them fags might even help you with girls too :p
    I dumped last girl coz she wouldn't give up smokes. I can't believe my previous ex would actually keep kissing me ashtray breath.
  18. Who says I need help? :wink: *struts*
  19. Well, I had the honour of picking up my bike yesterday morning!!! YAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaY!!!!

    But, I've never riden in the wind... It was certainly bloody scary while riding down Footscray Road & getting blown into the left hand lane... Luckily there was no one around.

    I left the bike at home, instead of taking it to work, I didn't want to risk dropping it the day I got it back!!!

  20. The story's here cejay:


    I'm glad that wind's gone...It's been a splendid day for riding. :)