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[Vic] Snow Chains - when do we need to have them

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by pvda, May 17, 2009.

  1. I have to drive a fair bit of the NE of the state this week and then return via Gippsland so the obvious route is over the top via Mt Hotham.

    During winter a run over the top requires snow chains be carried but when is the start date??

    Is it the traditional Queens Birthday weekend or can they call it earlier just to stuff me up??
  2. if you got em, take em. NFI on whens and when nots
  3. The snow season typically starts on Queens b'day weekend however Vicroads do have the ability to close the road due to snow if they feel the need.

    It can and sometimes does snow at Mt Hotham every month of the year. If you have chains it's an extremely good idea to take them, especially at this time of year even though the ski season hasn't started yet. :)
  4. Kinda buggers my theory a bit

    Road Conditions Last Updated:2009-04-27 at 09:20
    Road Condition: Snow covered in places, take care
    Harrietville Approach: Open - fitting chains to 2WD vehicles
    Omeo Approach: Open - snow on road

    Then again a couple of warm days and they might change it.
  5. Actually rang Mt Hotham and yes you need to fit them when directed at any time but only need to carry them in season (After June Long Weekend).

    My road update posted above is actually 3 weeks old and definately isn't current as the roads are clear at the moment according to those up there.
  6. If you have 4WD you don't need them. Not sure if that helps or not, but worth mentioning.
  7. Had a 4x4 last week as some of the sites were "off the well beaten track" but all the sites on this trip are 2wd sites so I'm sluming it in a soon to be replaced BA Falcon Wagon.

    I'll find out mid afternoon tomorrow when I get there as I'm in Echuca at the moment.
  8. Nup, if you have a 4x4 you can choose not to fit them but you do need to carry them in the vehicle during the snow season. :)
  9. Dont know about Hotham but there's usually that many shops with chains for hire anyway that if you found out you did need them, you can just rent them for bugger all. Parks and Wildlife should be able to tell you as well.

    And while this might be stating the obvious, only fit them when there's snow on the road. The amount of tools I've seen driving on dry bitumen with chains on... :roll:
  10. They have signs up when you have to put chains on, other wise you dont need them. But during the snow season you must carry chains at all times and they do have very steep fines if they pull you up and you arent carrying them. Its the law. I ski and go up there every year for the ski season. I carry chains at all times, I have not used them even once,
  11. Really? I never have. Mind you, I've been in NSW. Is that only in VIC?

  12. As far as I'm aware 4WDs are exempt from having to carry chains in NSW, i would have thought this would apply to VIC, of course unless they have Mexican snow?
  13. Cool - that was my understanding too.
  14. That works well, and I've done it, if you are entering and leaving via the same road/town but I transited through from north to south and aint coming back.

    The only indication I saw was a scrolling electronic sign at Harrietville which used the words "should carry" not "must carry", all the permanent signs said they need to be carried in Wintertime which doesn't start til June 1st :wink: .

    All good, I'm on the other side of the hills now :)