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[VIC] Snow at Mt.Donna Buang Summit

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by bonjoji, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. A cloudy day with a maximum temperature of 18degrees, I decided to ride to Mt. Donna Buang. Geared up after lunch, my new Joe Rocket Nitrogen gloves felt warm.
    Started my ride from Mountain highway, onto Canterbury road via Swansea road to Lilydale, then off to Warburton highway from Maroondah highway. Warby highway was clean and not much traffic to share it with, nothing special with the run up to Warburton just the lane split/overtake to a 1km train of cages at Seville before the bridge work along Warburton highway (bridge work made the right lane a shared lane for both direction controlled by traffic lights at each end).

    Reached Warburton and rested for a a few minutes near the bridge across the CFA station (took a couple of photo of my GPX) then on to Donna Buang road. This is my first climb to Mt. Donna Buang on a bike, started my climb and autumn leaves are all over the wet road. Trickling water on some corners and then a big sign "Chain must be carried", I told myself it must be an all-year round caution. I push further on and then another huge road sign "Snow on road" but still can't find any on my way up. I kept going, its getting seriously cold as my new gloves didn't feel that warm as before, my visor started fogging and then after the Warburton view/lookout ... white stuff on the sideroads. Oh my gosh, I'll be damn I said to myself as the signage below were telling the truth ... SNOW! By this time I kept asking myself "am I there yet, am I there yet" as I am getting weary with the snow, most of them are on the sideroads but kept looking for them on the middle of the road. I caught up with a cage 3km to the summit and snow business was getting serious, white stuff around me except the wet-ish road.

    Then the Summit, brrrr gloves not working anymore, jacket with thermal lining was a God-send, my pair of draggins was not warm at all, visor up as it was fogged out (or frozen), smokey breath coming out of my mouth and nose. Parked the bike, did a quick look around, I decided not to climb the lookout tower as it was freezing cold, took a few photo shots then waved goodbye to the Summit. Down hill was interesting, there were few snow blobs on the middle of the road mixed the with fallen leaves and tree barks for the first 4kms ... yikes! Got to be really careful here, I kept telling myself. Got past the snowy section and gained more courage to speed it up a bit. Got a close call on one continous dipping left (felt more like a U-turn) but managed to focus on my exit and got out of the turn happily.

    My downhill went a bit faster than my climb as I somehow "knew" the road already. Reached the bottom of the Donna Buang road, turned right to Warburton with a big grin on my face, I was happy and frozen cold. Stopped at the "Three Sugars Cafe" for a shot of cafe-latte, just what my frozen hands needed a warm cup of coffee. I sat inside and sip my coffee while "warming down" over looking my little GPX across the road. After the "warm down" at the "Three Sugars", I had my day complete. Rode home very happy via Lilydale.

    It was a cloudy day and I had my share of fun. Some photos: http://s46.photobucket.com/albums/f123/bonjoji/22Apr2006_Mt_Donna_Buang/
  2. :cool: :grin:
    Looks like fun. You've just reminded me a road that I haven't ridden on. I'll place that on the to-do-list.
  3. WOw sounds like a scary ride
    i am glad you rode carefully and to the conditions
    it has been snowing up here since last monday on and off
    these are some of the pictures taken at my partners work
    (no work getting done at all now :shock:

  4. Great to see someone report their day and report such detail. This type of 'freedom' & 'experience' is what the bikes are about!
  5. Sounds like a fun ride, mate, I've done that lots of times, but in the car, when I lived at Yarra Junction. We used to stand in the church car-park on Sunday mornings and watch the tourists heading back to Melbourne with little snow-men on the bonnets of their cars. I believe that mountain is the closest snow-peak to a capital city on mainland Australia??? Only 44 miles from the melbourne GPO!

    Yeah, do Donna-Buang, it has some lovely opening-radius corners, but perhaps leave it now till spring :LOL:
  6. I love the handwritten sign some local's put up at the first right-hander heading up the hill coming out of Warburton.

    "Turn right here" - very helpful, that! :LOL:

    Nice ride report - it was damn cold up there last weekend too. No snow, but the windchill was fearsome!

    That's a very nice-looking GPX, by the way. :)
  7. It was a good/fun ride yesterday, I wasn't really expecting the snow but somehow it added to my excitement. Its good to get nice feedback on my "ride report" :). Surely be back up there when its a bit warmer as the snow reminded me to hibernate :grin:

    ... but then again a ride is a ride ... tomorrow has a better (warmer & fine) weather forecast, looks promising (& I got time off from work) , I'm considering a Toolangi run :-k ... Black Spur and Reefton are also on my "to go" list, I'm just not sure if my riding skill is ready for those two yet (any comments/suggestion about tackling Black Spur &/or Reefton is highly appreciated).
  8. the Reefton will be slippery with the recent snow and rain up there, and the weather bom is showing rain there now ,the spur has stop and go lights at the Hermitage because of a landslide on the spur just past the log cabin road house heading towards melb

  9. Thanks revilo :) . It looks like those two are a "no go" for me these days :( ... got to check some other squigly lines from the map. Thanks again, cheers.
  10. how about try the slide
    that is Yarra Glen to Yea
    that is a much wider road and has some nice sweeping corners to glide around :grin:
    you could then head over to flowerdale and back via Kinglake then back down to Yarra Glen :grin: it is a nice ride approx 3 to 4 hours if taken as a cruise ,i enjoy this ride as not so many racers around :wink: