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[vic] slide in the wet

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Matts250r, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. now i know why no one likes riding in the wet...

    i don't know if this is in the right section or not, but anyway

    i was taking the plenty rd offramp, about 7:15, from the ring road/western freeway/whatever google maps calls it, and it was pissing down rain, long story short, i locked up my front wheel and down it goes.

    thankfully i wore riding boots that day, not runners, and jacket, helmet, gloves. cause i was pretty much unscathed. I guess i'm pretty lucky actually

    My bike on the other hand isn't :( she has a cracked fairing and missing indicator as well as the usual scratches... and a bent gear shifter and i think handlebars?

    I posted this firstly just as a reminder to people that its slippery in rain (uh-duh), and secondly, out of concern for my bike.

    She started up fine, and managed to get me home, but what I'd like to know from all you experienced people out there, is what should i go over and check (i do my own maintenance) as a result of the impact of hitting the ground? or do i just chuck on some new fairings and indicator and off i go :)
    would anything be wrong with the steering/balance ect. or would it be just purely cosmetic.

    any advice on what to do next would be appreciated, or where to get cheap parts for a black 08 ninja 250r. thanks
  2. Hard to answer with out knowing how the bike dropped. Was it a relatively clean drop? How fast were you going? Did the bike just drop or did it run into anything?

    If there was something wrong with the steering, front wheel, handlebars or alignment I would suggest you would have known about it on the way home, unless you had adrenaline surging through your veins and were in shock. In any case, the next time you ride it, it should be pretty obvious to you.

    Me being the way I am, I would take the bike to my mechanic and ask him if there is anything wrong with it other than the cosmetic damage. But that's just me. I like to leave things I don't know much about to the professionals.
  3. I'm with biker boy - I'd have a mechanic have a quick look over it.

    In regards to repairs - being that you are a new rider I'd not bother with new fairings - just tape up the crack or at the most get is plastic welded.
  4. i can't be 100% sure, but it was about 70,80km/h ish
    and it didn't hit anything, just slid across the road till it stopped, i'll have to take a look at it tomoz, if its leaking vital fluids, it'll show by then

    it may be just my shock, but it looks like the left handle bar is slightly bent, i'll take it for a ride into city tomoz for a new indicator from peter steven's, unless anyone knows a place i can get em cheaper?
  5. just went outside now, no fluids, but handle bar is bent,,,, maybe i can fix with a vice? :p
  6. Probably not a good idea to ride very far if you think there may be some damage to the front end and a bent clutch lever. Besides you should be able to find an indicator on EBAY for heaps less. Maybe even throw a post on the Wanted section under classifieds and see what turns up.

    Not to mention that if a cop sees you in the city with out an indicator and a busted fairing he will most likely pull you over and realize that your clutch lever is damaged. That is 3 things and enough reason to give you a canary (if that is even possible on a bike).
  7. What type of bike is it? Peter Stevens will charge you $523905782357382597 just for a single screw, there are much cheaper places to get replacement parts.
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  8. Get the frontend checked. Alignment etc.

    It's also a good post with relevance to the wearing of reasonable riding gear.
    Don't think that because you got lucky this time, that decent gear, is unimportant.
    We'll see, i suppose.
  9. I wouldn't be riding it far. Get it checked by someone close by - the less you ride it the safer it could be until everything has been checked out and given the all clear. Definitely take it easy where you do ride. The last thing you want is brakes to fail all of sudden so give yourself plenty of room on the road.

    As for riding in the rain, I love it. Riding in dry sunny weather is much the same but when it starts raining, it brings with it new challenges and obstacles each and every time - you never really get use to it. I've deliberately gone out riding in the rain numerous times just for the experience. You become so much more alert and focused on what you're doing. (y)
  10. Try Victorian Motorcycle Wreckers in Heidelberg. I went there yesterday and got some VTR 250 parts. They have heaps of parts (for Japanese road bikes only) and aftermarket clutch and brake levers. I don't have much experience with bikes, so can't comment if their prices are cheap or not. Aftermarket levers were between $20 and $35. Secondhand footpegs $35 to $45.

  11. Bikes can take a fair whack, cant they. Glad your ok mate.
    Check under the engine casings for small cracks. Let the motor warm up and then do it. Hairline cracks don't leak till the motor and oil gets hot.
    You need to check that the forks have not moved, as in twisted in the triple clamps. And that the front wheel is still true. Being wet they slide more than grip so unless it came to a sudden stop you should be ok.
    You can straiten bars. But they will be weaker now. Bending them back will weaken them even more.
    Look in the book for wreckers for blinkers and so forth. Fairings can be repaired as well.
    Make sure all your lights are still working too.
    Bad luck bud on the off. It happens so don't beat yourself up about it. Good luck your all ok.
  12. Measure the angle of the frame (best if you get the shop to do this), check to see if the forks are twisted (again, get the shop to do this, they may not be out of line enough for you to see it with your naked eye but they could be out of line enough to kill you on the freeway), and make sure your handle bars are OK. I also had an off in the wet the same way you did, except I fell onto the other side.
  13. hey, thanks for the replies,
    the clutch level is fine, its the gear shifter thats a bit bent, but i just bent it back similar to how it was before.
    I don't know why but i picked up the parts that fell off when it fell, after i had gotten up. and once re-connected the indicator worked perfectly, just needed duct tape to hold it in place.
    i (very cautiously rode it around the suburb today, and couldn't feel any difference in handling/wobles/anything unusual, except the my left hand was a bit closer cause of the bent bar (~5 degrees or so). haven't seen any cracks on the motor casing yet, and there's no oil on the garage floor after i rode it to work and back. so i guess i got off lucky this time.
    and bretto i guess they can take a fair whack, and it came to a gradual stop.
    kernel, was there anything wrong with the frame on your bike or twisted forks when you fell? I've taken it to 100 on the highway, and didn't notice anything strange. still worth taking it to a shop? only cause i'm a student and have to be stringent with my budget.
  14. I had a similar incident... such a shit feeling picking up the bike off the ground, if only i copped the damage and the bike magically stayed upright and waited for me to get up.
  15. Lies they have an assortment of most bikes and makes.