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[VIC] Skydiving Negambie, Sun Oct 8th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Sep 9, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Aaron (aka Fireblade)

    As I didn't get to skydive at Nagambie for my bday as I broke my wrist 2 days prior I'm re-booking 2 groups again; a 2 day solo (AFF) course with the jump being on Sunday & also booking a group for Tandem jumps on Sun 8th.

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  3. And you call yourself a Fireblade rider. huh!!!
  4. Hi guys, as i posted in the other Nagambie listing...............have heard sooo much about this w'end from Woodsy (all good) hope to get to this one, see how I go. But like woodsy, I'll be there just for the ...um.....support!
  5. booking in again for the weekend of Sat 7th/Sun 8th October :grin:

    Anyone thinking of going please let me know ASAP so I can make the tentative bookings for the above weekend...

    I need deposits by Wednesday 27th September and I'll pay the deposit for the group as I did in the last one

    If anyone needs more info just post away, or send me a PM or refer to the previous skydive thread from 3 weeks ago
  6. I cant save enough funds to jump with ya's this time, but I'll join in the fun and come up to watch and cheer you guys on. :)
  7. Hey Aaron, I hope your wrist is A ok now and belated happy birthday :).

    Guardian devil on my left whispers to join but guardian angel on my right says don't. I think I'll listen to the one on the right. Just one way of saying skydiving scares the **** out of me. Have fun though and land in one piece.

    I'll just ride and find some twisty roads to challenge.
  8. sky

    :LOL: yeah im soft :grin:
  9. SO and i will be there, not jumping but joining in the merriment for sure!! staying overnight, not able to afford a jump right now :(
  10. Hey Rach, good to see you're going to make the trip down again :)

    Just over 2 weeks to go til the jump & I'm pumped :grin: hopefully get my arm out of my cast on 4th or 5th October just in time for the jump [-o<

    So who else is going to jump with me?? So far my cousin Danny will be jumping again as well as his other half, and a couple of his friends...

    Need deposits by Wednesday 27th Sep from anyone wanting to jump!!
  11. Soon... soon

    but not this time!

    Don't think my little sis would appreciate me bailing on her birthday to do this. But further down the track I am keen - still have complete my A licence.
  12. was hoping to go and meet you, but I cant this time :( ........hopefully another time :)
  13. Dang, I doubt I'll be able to make this now, I'm working at the expo on Sunday!
  14. We will try & get down there again.
  15. Just a reminder that if anyone wants to do either the tandem or solo jump I need to know ASAP and need the $50 deposits per person by this Wednesday...
  16. You can count me and a couple of others in for this weekend, will bring the good camera again and take lots of pics of you lot making fools of yourselves ( again) :p
    Hopefully this time I won't be sick and can party on and join in on the shananigans instead of going to bed early and miss out on all the fun.

    Will get back to you as to where we will be staying, as I don't wanna give to much info away at this stage :wink:

  17. eerrrrrmmmm

    cough cough

    don't you have a bowling thingo on the 7th :idea:
    or will you be riding up after the dinner?
  18. oh crap yeh I do too, man too many things on the one date :(

    Ok so heres the next plan, I ride up on the Saturday and just enjoy the days events and take lots of pics and then ride all the way back home and go to this damn bowling thingy! Then if I'm not too hungover I may just ride back the next day, god I'm keen....but any excuse for a long ride in the country :wink:
  19. Hey Alli,

    If you can only make one of the days then it's probably better to make it on Sunday as that's when the tandems & solo's do their jumps... but if you're Saturday nights going to be as big as it sounds then I guess we'll see you on the Saturday :wink:

    Looking forward to this... hopefully get my plaster off next Wednesday and jump on Sunday :twisted:
  20. Hey Az, what would we need in terms of accomodation if we come and stay the saturday night ?? Do they need a booking to stay there, or can we just rock up and camp ??