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[VIC] Skydiving Negambie, Sat Aug 19th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Aug 2, 2006.

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  1. Added to Calendar by: Aaron

    Hey all,

    Im going skydiving at Negambie for my bday and want to share the experience...

    WHEN: Sat 19th August
    TIME: 10am - 2pm
    WHERE: Skydive Nagambie - RMB 1232 Kettels Road, Nagambie
    COST: Max $310pp, group discount prices as follows;

    ... more

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  2. i dont have the courage for this stunt.
  3. Having sky-dived before (by self, not strapped to an instructor), it's an amazing feeling. Probably not something I'll experience again in the near future (why jump out of a perfectly good airplane? :) ) but I still look at my jump certificate and remember what an exhilerating and life-affirming experience it was.

    Fully recommend it to anyone who has given it some thought as to something they would like to do one day
  4. +1. awesome experience. happy birthday and have a blast. it's an experince not to be missed.
  5. Thanks Carri, it'll be a birthday I'll never forget :grin:

    So come on people, who's with me... I know you're all crazy thrill seekers :p if we get 10 or more to do the jump then it's only $280 per person :grin:

    Accommodation is FREE for anyone who does the jump (only $10 for non jumpers) & there'll be plenty of :beer: :blah: :beer: :dance: to follow :cool:

    [EDIT:] Confirmed people doing the 2 day course:
    ME (deposit paid)
    Jadey (deposit paid)
    Danny (my cousin) (deposit paid)
    Matt232 (deposit paid)

    Confirmed people doing the Saturday tandem jump:
    Miss DJ (deposit paid)
  6. If i had that much money to toss around i would be up for it... but im saving up for road trip and other things.
    Can you give us some details (like a meeting place) for those who want to come down and share a cuppa and cake, but not jump?
  7. well, i dont have the spare $$$ to jump at the moment (and i think kids would want to be there) but i'll ride up and drink with ya is the weathers gona be good, when latest i have to make desicion? 19ths too far away to even think about yet, if it's going to be a shit weekend i'll stay home and go to geeks nite
  8. ok nm what i said in that case. definetly not coming.
  9. bummer... the $$$ will be what will stop most from being able to jump with me, I should've posted this up earlier but I didn't get my a$$ in gear til yesterday :oops:

    the address of the place is RMB 1232 Kettels Road, Nagambie

    If anyone to meet up to ride/drive in together then I'm cool with that :grin:
    Will also work out where we'll go for drinks after the days jumping...
  10. Well I'm definitely jumping, and I've already made a tentative booking that they will keep for me up until next Thursday if that's what you mean??
    I can change the tentative booking anytime up until Thursday so I don't lose spots, and I'll be transferring the deposits for whoever wants to jump with me...
    If you only want to come up and watch, drink, stay then I'm sure you don't have to let me know as early as next Thurs...
  11. Yeah definatly wont be jumping, so i'll only be coming up to bung shit on ya and drink
  12. I'M THERE 100%!!!!

    Oh my god! Im soooo excited... ill do anything for a thrill... :p :wink:

    Nothing like pure adrenalin running through my veins!!! :twisted:

    Looks like its just me and you Az :?
    Scaredy cats hehehe jokes

    Cant wait!!!! :tantrum: :dance: :woot:
  13. Aaron, Deposit paid into your account now...

    Now dont skip town :p hehehe

  14. mmmm cake :grin: .. count me in to be there.. but not up for the skydiving..
    i'll bring my first aid kit incase.. :LOL:
    sounds good!!
  15. If only you were going for a full weekend - I'd be in.

    I've done the tandem thing myself at Nagambie and it was the absolute best experience I've ever had :woot:

    I promised myself when I do it again it will be on my own - just need to find a spare weekend......

    Good on you lot for giving it a go - you won't be disappointed!
  16. 4 confirmed Netriders so far:

    Miss DJ

    I have 2 cousins confirmed and a few mates are interested so should get the 10+ jumpers discount :grin:

    Come on people, the more the merrier... room sleeps 32 people, should have that booked out pretty soon :cool: you don't have to jump, you can come and watch then eat and drink the night away & only pay $10 to stay the night :grin:
  17. we will have to make sure there is a left ova chop from the barbie if seany is coming!
  18. well if there's no chops left, I know Troy would donate the Turkey if he comes :p
  19. im 98% sure i'll jump
    got other circumstances to think about, but hopefully fine
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