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(VIC) since when do bikes pay for eastlink?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by OX, Aug 22, 2009.

  1. I just got a $10 bill in the mail for using eastlink on the bike. When did they decide their gonna charge bikes to use it?

    ive used eastlink maybe a dozon times on the bike and never gotten a bill before im quite pissed cause i never heard they were doing this.

    Are they going to be doing the same thing on citylink?
    As far as i knew charging bikes had been dicussed but was concidered not practical as there wernt enough of us and we had nowhere to put an etag.
  2. Since…
    The opening of it.
    Eastlink is not Citylink
  3. as above, after the free month or whatever it was, bikes were charged at about half the rate of cars. only eastlink though, not city link.

    another recent thread on the forum, asking who else has got a free ride on eastlink, obviously they dont seem to pick up bikes too easy, or maybe a few people in the camera control room also ride :wink:

    just be glad you got it for free the other times, not pissed off you have to pay 1 out of 10 times!!
  4. Fair Enuff seems like ive been in the dark for a while
    although looks like ive done well for myself then to not get charged for the others :LOL:
    in that case i will be steering clear of eastlink.
    and im still a fan of citylink :biker:
  5. Motorcyclists who wish to use Eastlink on a regular basis must get a "non-tag" account, which means you register your number plate with them and they charge you 50% of the car rate if they successfully scan your number plate going under a toll gantry. If your number plate is clean, I find they have a 95% chance of successfully scanning it. If it's dirty, that falls to about 60 - 80%, if it's muddy to the point an alphanumeric is obscured, then you'll probably get a free trip. :p

    Just a heads up to everyone, in addition to speed cameras in every toll gantry, there are cameras positioned roughly in the middle of both tunnels, and cameras for both directions on the Wellington Road and Dandenong Bypass bridges. And they wonder why patronage has fallen so far short of estimates. :roll:
  6. there are no speed cameras in the toll gantrys
  7. Yeah, but if I pulled 110 kph through one I wouldn't put it above Eastlink to forward my details to the appropriate authority. Hence I (and everyone else it seems) treat them like speed cameras. :wink:
  8. ^^ Also note that the camera just south of the tunnel is on rails, so it can move and you don't know it's exact position.

    I don't think they do, at least they don't measure your average speed and pass that on. But there's heaps of patrol cars around everywhere nowadays, it's not worth speeding and I never do.

    I don't think they measure average speeds between toll points.
  9. haha, thinking that the toll gantries have speed cameras.. people would of got done ages ago if they did...

    it like saying, the cameras on the way to geelong.. you dont speed thru the rear facing ones cause they get you numberplate, but then you dont speed at the forward facing ones, and if you do they will get your speed, and then go back to the footage of the rear facing camera and get your licence plate ..

    hmmm.. i wonder if that is how it works
  10. Don't tell anyone, but if you don't ride over the dots on the road in the centre of the lane the camera doesn't photograph you. When passing under the gantry ride to the extreme left or right of the lane.

    It works for me - have proved it too often. Used the Eastlink yesterday - only two gantry's picked me up - over four separate trips. I have a Breeze account - so I only pay for the gantry's that photograph me. Now, that's value for my money me thinks...... :grin: :grin:
  11. Thanks for that one John. I need all the money saving help I can get after being stung for both Wellington and Dandy bypass bridges before I knew they were there. :evil:

  12. My what a fine example you set as MRA president to go out of your way to deliberately avoid then expect the government to come bat for you when you want them to.
    You can't have it both ways John.
    Best you didn't post this publicly.
  13. John's not disadvantaging the government in anyway, he's disadvantaging the ConnectEast Group, a bunch of inbred mofos who facilitated the government in breaking an election promise and ripping off all those folks who live in the east and DIDN'T get a free ring road like those in the west. As far as I can see, if John's found a way of bringing his EastLink bill closer to fair value, then good on him, and thanks for sharing.
  14. John is the PRESIDENT of the MRAvic and as such must be seen to be above reproach as he supposedly has the ears of the various transport ministers.
    Going onto a motorcycle forum and telling us how to rort the system is not good for his CV is it?
    If he used a pleb or another account to convey the message then it wouldn't look bad at all on him would it?
  15. No, suppose not. :cry:
  16. Wheelies
  17. I've also heard the 'centre of the lane' and 'extreme edges' thing, off a mate who used to ride Eastlink daily for free. I came back along there the other day from Ringwood and just changed lanes and hit every cats eye while I passed under, but I also realised when I got home that my plate was caked in mud from the 10 KM of unmarked dirt road I ended up on near Marysville... if I couldn't read it, they had no hope :p
  18. Smee - I actually did point out the facts that I have observed to Minister for Ports and Roads Tim Pallas at a meeting MRA had with him last year. His response was somewhat disinterested as it wasn't likely to affect Govt revenue.....

    Personally, I think Eastlink have a HUGE problem with their technology and we are the beneficiaries :grin: :grin:

    Now as for "my CV"? What does that mean? Please elucidate and tell us what significance that has to the big picture...... Look bad on me - FFS where are we going now.... :twisted: :twisted:
  19. I think By CV Smee is referring to your standing in the eyes of the establishment when lobbying on behalf of your motorcycling brethren.