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[VIC] Show Jonny O Kinglake Ride, Sun Aug 6th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Seany

    Johnny O hasnt ridden the religous Kinglake road yet so were taking him sight seeing.

    Well head from the meet point through Hurstbride to Kinglake to show him the road that began the discussion, turn left at the top at Kinglake, take the back way to...

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  2. :woot:

    Ride listed as level 3. Depending on the frame of mind the participants hold, the route may change so dirt roads (ie level 4) may come into the equation. Ultimately, we can choose as a group on the day. As usual, the lowest level of confidence wins. :grin: (Some roads are definate and can't be changed and are seriously :twisted: :LOL: The pace at times may be spritited :wink: ) :grin:

    Yes I will:

    Johnny O
    R1_lover (For the 1st leg)
    Latte Munkey

    Maybe I will:

    fzr600chick +1
    Ogariv Bella
  3. Ya got a melways ref cos i don't understand where the hell your meeting?
  4. Melways: Map 11, D7.

    Next to Tram Stop Garden Centre which is 297 Diamond Creek Rd, Greensborough. :)

    Sorry, I cut n pasted from this thread without really thinking. :oops:
  5. i would love to come guys but i got something else planned
    its me and my 9th year together anniversary
    so i cant go :(
    but i hope u all have a good time as i know i will be :LOL: :LOL:
  6. But you're already taking her out the night before! :shock: :? :shock:

    Nah, just kidding, have fun mate. :)
  7. cool i'm in if the weathers good :grin:
  8. Hey this Kinglake ride on Sunday, is it open to anyone (as in a Learner) or is it just for you speed freaks lol?
  9. forcast looks good..


    at the moment.............

    :furious: I have a 80th birthday to go to Sunday...$H!T... :cry:

    which I can't get out of.........maybe i'll get out on Saturday.. :roll:
  10. I can't come on Sunday, so will do it tomorrow :grin:

    Will then head on up to Eildon via Yea, and then Howqua, Mansfield and maybe Whitfield :grin:
  11. Its good to see I somehow inspired/intrigued you guys in taking that one bloody good of a road :twisted:. As much as I want to ride it two weeks in a row, I have to skip this one, but wish you all the fun and the goosebumps experience that it can generously provide :grin:.

    I am taking a Harley rider and his pillion on another "sight seeing" ride and don't want to scare the hell out of his pillion by taking him first time on such a great road like the Kinglake. Might just give you a wave somewhere in Healesville ;).

    ..... and I'm trying my luck in having a go on the Dyna Glide for size.
  12. Weather/family permitting, I'll be there.
  13. hmmm i might join as it is my last day of freedom before my 2 month licence suspension starts :evil: :mad: :shock: :? :cry:

    Will have to see....

    -Jamie :p
  14. I will join you for this one, but can only go as far as Kinglake as l have my last game of footy to attend, so see you all at the servo :)
  15. I will be there. Cant wait to meet a few netriders. Will be my first group ride.

    See you all there.
  16. is this an advanced ride? because i am yet to experience/master high speed/medium speed corners on the 6. ive done 700kays of freeway. bloomin work.
  17. curtaingirlzx6r will be there too.
  18. It's an intermediate ride. However, some roads are highly demanding and require fairly precise riding so you would need to be a confident rider. I wouldn't recomend it for absolute noobies but no-one minds waiting for the slower riders at each meet point (they'll all be waiting for me anyway lol).

    Everyone is expected to ride at their own pace. Trying to keep up with a faster rider is how people get themselves into trouble. I have no chance personally, of keeping up with the likes of Johnny, but I also know he'd rather have a smoko and wait for me, than call an ambulance. It's not a race, just a bit of fun. :)
  19. I'd like to be there folks, but I've been on a ride each Sunday for the last two weeks, so I think I'll probably spend some quality time with my girly this week!
  20. Im in weather permitting.....