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[VIC] Short Notice - Sat 11th Oct - 500km of fun

Discussion in 'VIC' started by nibor, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. (MODS: have submitted in calendar, but is short notice so trying to get this seen. please delete/move this as fit once calendar entry is approved, thanks :) )

    hey guys, to celebrate me losing my licence for another 3 months (yay :roll: ), im going for a big cruise. no work, no rain, no nothing shall put me off haha.

    meet at 7/11 servo in Ferntree Gully at 7:45am. fill up, and depart by 8am sharp!

    up through the danenongs and a fun way to healesville. avoiding the traffic lights in healesville the fun way, then around reefton spur, and out to noojee. down to south gippy and about, then back up through powelltown to finish at lilydale.

    < MAP >

    this is a LONG ride, so only those with a few long rides under their belt at least, please. will be a fairly quick pace (but remember im on a 250), so no Learners unless your freakin amazing :p

    very limited stops, only for fuel and lunch. regrouping here and there if neccessary, but wont be a long stop. a glance at the map shows 180km to warburton, 187km to korumburra, and 143km to lilydale. these look good for fuelling, unless someone cant make these distances on a tank.

    i aim to be home by 5pm as i have a BBQ to go to :grin:

    see ya there! :)
  2. Damn, I wanna come along but I have work..

    If I could come along I dough that I can keep up with my new bike(still getting used to it). To me it feel like I'm still going around faster on my 250 lol
  3. If you wern't leaving so early, i might be up for this. Its a long way for me to get there in the first place, so would have to leave waaaay early.... And from warburton i'd want to go back to lilydale from there... Ah well..

    Have fun!
  4. what u need, mr F.A.T., is a halfway house :p
    funnily enough i can understand not wanting to add the to and back leg from your place as an extra, that would put it at almost 700km for you me thinks... fun :LOL:
  5. Actually, i have a cousin who lives in hawthorn... and an uncle and auntie who live in donvale.... :)

    Pitty i'm working till 1am on friday night/sat morning. :) Enjoy your ride. Maybe next time!
  6. Have fun Robin !
    I'm heading through the spur up to Lake Eildon for the weekend.
    ... in a CAGE :cry:
  7. My God, you are kidding; the other day I rode across the bridge at Bonnie Doon where there used to be 60' of water 20 years ago, and there was no water to be seen in any direction; does the lake as such even exist any more?
  8. :LOL:
    We have a site on the southern end of the lake Paul ( Jerusalem Creek Marina ). You can launch your boat with the lake down to as little as 12%. Almost always enough water for a ski .. just gotta watch those trees :wink:
    Current level is 23.54%.
    Looks very low from the bank, but after the first left turn it begins to widen out.
  9. Very tempted to join you, but doing nearly the same ride on Sunday. Dont think I can back it up for a 2nd day in a row!
  10. I might....if i can make the early wake up.

    I am too still rather unfamilar on my new bike. The early wakeup is going to be the biggest problem.
  11. Going to get my bike raised to factory height tomorrow.

    so if I CAN wake up on sat, I will like to go.
  12. For a day that will be sunny and 25 I think 7:45 is way way too early for me!

    I think Sunday is the go, 28. Anyone riding sunday?
  13. Please give exact location in the off chance I do wake up
  14. the exact location of departure is the 7-11 service station, on the corner of burwood highway and station street, ferntree gully.

    it is right nextdoor to Jeffery Honda Motorcycles. click on the link to the map in my OP, and zoom in :wink:

    it is also listed as a "popular meet point" in the calendar page.

    myoda, firstly the forcast is for 26, not 25 :LOL:
    secondly departing at 8am is not early, 6 or 7am maybe :p
    it's a nearly full day's ride, and i have shit to do in the late arvo, so i will NOT be leaving any later than this.

    HTFU and come enjoy an awesome ride :grin:

  15. Aww man i really wanna come, those are my favourite roads!

    And it's about time to come out of my winter hibernation, the weather just keeps getting better. :oops:

    Uni assignments will have me chained to the desk unfortunately... :mad:
  16. How fast

    I guess if I have to ask I am probably too slow to keep up. I ride a gs500, pretty well I think, I have never done any of the spurs, might slow me down, but live just outside of Korumburra, could be a nice round trip. I haven't done any long rides like this, so might have to pass this time, get some long rides down and join the next one.

    Have fun...

  17. Ok, my bike has bee raised. and suspension tightened. It feels awesome!

    However, my side stand is WAY too low and I need a new side stand.

    I am keen to give it some tick and see how she goes.

    Lets see how big my night is going to be tonight.
  18. so i'll see you tomorrow erewego? :wink:
    Ree hope you can make it.
    and to others who feel they may be too slow - as long as your are confident in the twisties, and happy to ride 500km, come!
    i'd rather do this with people than alone, i like company sometimes :p
    it is not a hoon ride on my new 1098, riding like Stoner through the hills at 200.
    i may ride faster than some, but im on a 250 remember. im not that fast :LOL:
  19. Hmmmm, us monster ridin' gals got held up by a 1098.........

    If you weren't leaving at the crack of dawn I'd come some of the way, but I'm sleeping in :p. Anyway I have plans to ride Gippy way in the afternoon, perhaps I'll sms you & see where you are & meet up for the ride back.
  20. Hey Nibs,

    I'm an 'L' plater (though not really...just forgot to change my license over when i moved here 10 years ago..so have to start from scratch :shock: )

    I may come, as I live in the Dandenongs anyhow...but as I have never been on these rides before...would it be rude if I left the ride after point L ? (not sure about group etiquette)

    Also I've been reading up on markers and sweepers.. does this ride include this or is it follow best you can ?