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[VIC] short notice, Healesville, Reefton, etc Sun Dec 21st

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by cossie, Dec 21, 2008.

  1. G'day folks,

    The weathers gonna be awesome today, so its time for a last ride before xmas.

    I'm heading to Healesville, Chum Creek, Donna Buang, Reefton, then over towards Noojee. I haven't ridden many of these roads before but all are good roads.

    Intermediate speed, too many cops around to be breaking any land speed records. Happy to wait for smaller bikes to catch up, but no complete beginners please.

    Meet at The Beechworth bakery in Healesville for 1.00 depart. The route should take most of the afternoon.

    Let me know here or on 0402 585527 if anyone is up for it so I know who to find at the bakery.

  2. Chris & I are heading up there soon
  3. Cheers Johnny :LOL:

    Kates not real happy you crashed my bike but shes glad you're OK :wink:
  4. Grrrr :wink:
  5. And that's it....?
  6. c'mon....story
  7. It is actually quite a funny story.

    It involves a Ducati 1098, a Hyosung, and a ZX6. :oops:
  8. Well just between us, I didn't crash Stu's bike, it appears that he might have fixated on Chris as he sailed over the edge.

    Chris (Hyo 650) and I had blasted along Chum Creek Rd to meet Stu (ZX6R) at Healesville on the way we saw a crashed 1098 sitting on the outside of the first real bend at the start of Chum Creek. After meeting Stu, the three of us blasted up Myers Rd from Healesville back to the start of Chum Creek to complete the lap back to the H/ville.

    I peeled into the first bend on Chum Creek, the crashed 1098 still sitting there, after half a dozen corners I backed off to wait for the visual of the boys in my mirrors before taking off again, waiting, waiting..... hmmmm better turn back to see where they are, they may have stopped to help the 1098 guy.

    I get back to said corner and the boys are standing there..... no bikes to be seen except the 1098! Chris had a slide coming into the corner which took him to the outside of the corner, and consequently down the embankment, with Stu locked up and following him over.

    We dragged the ZX6 back up the embankment with only scratches and an indicator damaged, the Hyo had lost the left footpeg bracket, with it the gearlever, left handlebar, mirror and indicator.

    With the Hyo jammed in 3rd and no left handlebar, Chris rode the bike towards melb, till Mitchum when the clutch overheated.

    Was a nice day until that, roads were clean & smooth.

  9. I liked my version better :LOL:

    Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. First corner on Chum Ck Rd after Myers Ck Rd (left hander)

    I was following Chris into the bend and the bend may have tightened up or just been longer than I expected, but I was going a bit quicker than I should have been, half way round the bend, I saw Chris sliding off the road and another bike near to him. As J O said, I must have fixated on it all and started running too wide. I instintively braked and almost had it stopped when I followed Chris down the embankment ( I lowsided it just as it ran off the bitumen and let the bike go down).

    No major damage, just a few scratches and a broken indicator, pretty lucky really.

    I know exactly what I did wrong, too fast, probably poor line, target fixation, not commited to the corner, braked, etc, etc, so no need to go there. Just need more practise (and some better protective gear too!)

    I think the Ducati had come off worse than us though!
  10. YOU GUY's

    Should have come on my ride!
    We dont have those sort's of problems.

    Glad to hear your all OK

    Cheers Bruce
  11. Well i was wondering what happened on that corner today,myself on a gold zx9 with a zx10 and a honda were just doing our third lap of chum creek as i was approching the corner dudes jumping out waving there arms.I only noticed the ducati there,i regularly do that road and there is regularly some carnage on that corner mostly from panic i think or lack of familularity of the road.That corners pretty easy if ya know it but it can have a fine layer of dust on it sometimes.Good to see no major injuries :wink:
  12. The ducati rider would've sh..ed him self seen another two bikes heading towards him. Glad no one got hurt. Photos?