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[VIC] - Short notice - Early Morning GOR Sat 14th Nov + Beach

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by brownyy, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. Hey all;

    Early morning GOR ride and maybe some beach afterwards!

    --Meet: Westgate Shell Outbound Servo
    --Time: 6AM for a 6:30AM leave.
    --Who: Class 3 and above; medium to fast pace,
    --How: Basic Lead, Corner Marker, TEC used but there's not much corner marking needed.
    --Why: its frikking hot in the arvo, and I haven't been to the beach in a while, and i've missed the last 7 invites to the GOR for this or that reasons, hopefully less traffic also.
    --Root: Lorne, GOR, Apollo Bay and maybe out to Lavers Hill then return, ride will finish at Lorne for either another GOR lap or swim / play at the beach for the arvo.
    --Anything Else: Wear swimming stuff under your leathers? Boys no mankini's
    --What: your bike in working order, water, sunscreen
    --Bait: probably me unless the faster riders want to pass me then go nuts

    If you can ride twisties your welcome, its class 3, if you can ride twisties come along.

    If you have any questions ask me over here or PM.

    Did I forget anything?



  2. Re: [VIC] - Short notice - Early Morning GOR Sat 14th Nov

    omg *drool*
    look at those....

    .... twisties! ;)

    Wish I could join m8, I'm on my own this weekend but no bike! Enjoy.
  3. Re: [VIC] - Short notice - Early Morning GOR Sat 14th Nov

    You can borrow my ZZR... :grin:

    Great set of curves hey...
  4. Re: [VIC] - Short notice - Early Morning GOR Sat 14th Nov

    Thanks, but no thanks :LOL: I don't think it would be much fun (I'm spoilt!) riding the zzr, now the curves, er, twisties, those would be great to ride! :bolt:
  5. Re: [VIC] - Short notice - Early Morning GOR Sat 14th Nov

    I'd ride em to my death.... :grin: If there was oil/grease/lube on them I'd die with a smile on my face... :grin:
  6. Re: [VIC] - Short notice - Early Morning GOR Sat 14th Nov

    Hey Brownyy, I see you have sorted your internet issues. Nice curves.

    I have put my hand up to help out a Sat ride out NE so that daytrippers can do half whilst the overnighters go on. If this doesn't fly, then I'll gladly go another GOR.

    see you tonight.
  7. so tempting, I don't know which ride to do, Omeo, Wilson's Promitory or this one? Love swimming. Have never done Great Ocean Road. I'm out doing a different ride.