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(VIC) shift workers ride

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by yohcaptain, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. anyone intersted on a day time ride. :) .wednesday forecast 19 and fine . :grin: . head off to dandy mountains for a quicky then to black spurs. :cool: . have lunch :wink: up & down spurs for awhile then head home to get ready for work .. meet up around 10 am head off at 10:30 am finish when we need to get back .. meet point at Shell petrol station on Burwood hwy .. meet point can be change if needed :p

  2. very tempting mate but there is a hitch. i have a very important uni class on wednesdays. not important because of the coursework, rather because there is a gorgeous portuguese girl in the class who i don't want to miss the company of (i haven't missed one class in this subject all semester, a personal record.) :grin:

    any chance of a thursday run? forecast looks good..
  3. M8 stop thinking with your D!@k :grin: just kidding sure thursday will be fine PM me time and place to meet cy soon :wink:
  4. I would be there for a thursday ride as well.

    Sounds like a plan...
  5. Hellz yeah I'm in for this one!

    I ain't gonna lead at any stage though, so thou shalt not stacky stacky.
  6. SOunds very tempting.... which way over the hills (I live in the dandy hills, many ways to the black spur.... and then reefton... cos, you know, its right there :p (And apparently the gravel at the top is finally gone)