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[VIC] Shift Workers Ride, Tue Aug 1st

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Jul 30, 2006.

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  1. Added to Calendar by: slyfox

    due to overwhelming demand after a successful trial run last week people who are free for midweek daytime rides are invited to join in this weeks 'shift workers ride.'

    meet point is station pier, port melbourne outside rex hunts d'lish fish and chi...

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  2. yeh ill try 2 come. but uni in the morning.. damm economics..
  3. Mon, Thurs, Fri only for me.
  4. If prior commitments (a new job)don't get in the way, I may see you at the start.
  5. I'll be there :D

    Anyone know where nearest servo to meet point is?
  6. man you people suck :(

    I finish work at 10.30am
  7. gotta see man but most likely. ill call/sms closer to the date. but if the weather is good i cant see why not.

    p.s...not fair weather rider, just dont want to get to work wetter than i have to be :D
  8. stuff uni, where are your priorities!

    there is a bp on beach road down st kilda way, you don't need to be to worried about having it filled to the brim, especially since the zzr gets good range out of a tank.

    it was a conscious decision to screw you over vic, mahaha. :p (maybe next time ehhh, these midweek rides are going to become common i hope.)

    we should start throwing possible routes/destinations around guys. twisty suggestions anyone? the more options we have on the table the better.
  9. The first ride was fun. i loved it. your still up for this thursday andrew? im hoping to have some new gear by then. if all works out well.

    hope it doesnt rain tomorrow. i just washed my bike this arvo! what a waste of 30ml of my bike cleaning stuff! lol.
  10. OUCH :eek:
    10am start.
    I don't het home from work till 7:30. With only 2 hours sleep it'll be safer if to sit this one out. I'll be interested to see where you blokes go though. Tell us all about pleeeease.
  11. the problem with us shift workers is we all seem to work different shifts. :-k it appears a few people could come but only if the start was a little later, hmmmmm.
  12. Following Thursday then, maybe a noon start? ;)

    I'm liking the idea, as I normally work weekends :grin:
  13. yeh ill go this week only cos i can download my lecture notes :) but cant b 2 common, this missing out of class business!
  14. If I didn't have assignment due on Friday, I would have been there. If there's one next Tuesday I should be able to make it.
  15. (puts hand up)

    +1 tentative.

    I'm not a shift worker but I have recently shifted work out of my life :p
  16. well i will be there :grin: unless there is a thunder storm then no...it will be my last ride till i get back from kokoda track. :cool: .i hope to see some numbers there :p is meeting point on beach street :?:
  17. alright guys it's decisions time!! i've had a few people cancel, a few people express interest and a few people who say they could come but only if the ride is later. (i'm tempted to push the start time back a couple of hours for them but that may cause chaos at this late hour.)

    the weather is looking a bit sketchy tomorrow (showers clearing 'during the day' so who knows what time that is.) :?

    i'm thinking if we do ride it won't be a super long one, perhaps hit the dandenongs which is pretty close (straight up north road) and play there for a bit.

    PM me or write up on here if you're still keen, dropping out, have concerns etc etc.
  18. I'm fairly busy organising everything before my hospital stay. If I feel up to it tomorrow I'll pop over but it all depends on how I feel tomorrow when I wake up. Some days are good, some aren't but I hope you have a great ride if I come or not :grin:

    May the weather gods be smiling upon you!
  19. Still keen :)

    Would prefer the earlier start.

    In terms of directions - Hurstbridge-Kinglake area is always good, but would be happy to see some new roads. :grin:
  20. weather is looking crap. I rode through pure rain 2day and freezed my tits off. Start the time at like 12 and ill definantly b there, otherwise ill have 2 wait till the w/e.

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