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[VIC] Shift Workers Ride, Thu Aug 31st

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: slyfox

    People who are free for midweek daytime rides are invited to join in this weeks shift workers ride.

    Meet point is Monash Clayton University off Wellington road, Clayton. On entering the uni from Wellington turn left at the first roundabout and park...

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  2. shameless bump :-w for this weeks mid-week ride.

    as continued from this post a few of us (yohcaptain, skurfer, loz, instantexpert and myself) are interested in a twisty trip and the more riders that come along the better. there will be lots of curvy almost empty roads, a lunch stop at whatever tasty venue we find and no pressure to ride beyond personal limits.

    come along it'll be fun. :woot:
  3. slyfox
    the event decription for this ride has it as a level 5 cos Loz is going on it, but realisticilly what level it ? as i would love to join you for a mid week fang

    has the route been determined as i have a job interview at 9am hoping to be home by 10:30 i am near upper ftg national park if you are heading up the dandynongs i can just jump on the end train

    Loz you are coppin' SH1t loads for mattyb and queenie goin down

  4. I'll be there. I'm only Class 1 level though. Please be gentle.
  5. level three would sum it up, but group rides are all about setting your own pace. i am pretty slow anyway so you probably won't have much trouble keeping up. :grin:

    we generally work out the exact route at the meeting point, we will probably ride to the hills via the burwood hwy, i have my handsfree mobile on so you can call me while we're riding to arrange a spot to meet up.

    lvl. 1? fresh meat for the loz grinder :p
    that's nice lvl. 1 cornering in your avatar, what's lvl. 2? getting that lean angle while riding side saddle? :p
  6. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  7. l'll be there .. what this about Loz .. is he ramming bikes of the road :LOL: as for the class lvl .. i wont be riding like a bat out of hell . :cool: . it will be so nice like last time hardlly any cars and the only noise in the hills was us .. anyone up for hot chocolate :grin: cya soon
  8. If I don't get an unexpected phonecall to attend work, I'll join you guy's on this little jaunt.
    :LOL: I will be the rose amongst the thorns.
  9. Nar thats just the ammo, the reasons for giving Loz shit are many and varied. :p :grin:
  10. It's going to be fantastic weather for the ride! If only I was more trustful of my arm which I won't risk myself/bike/others just yet! Though, I am on the way to healing :grin: Still a few months it seems but I am on the way up, news has been all good!

    I'll be thinking of your guys and getting a wee bit jealous! :)

  11. thats great your getting better M8. :grin: . hope to see you soon with 2 good arms . :) . dont get jealous and your right about not risking yourself to more injury . :wink: . dont worry will ride for you :LOL:
  12. Well I'm looking like only an 80% chance of making the ride, as I yanked my rear shock out on a whim this morning and took it in to be rebuilt, resprung, regassed and revalved. If I get it back in time to install it (and I'm actually ABLE to install the bastard, it was a two man job to get out!) then I'll be there and REARIN' to go - and she'll be handling like a dream I tells ya, a DREAM!

    Woo, and indeed hoo.
  13. Ain't nobody giving me shit about not having a motorcycle though... :grin:
  14. So who were the 2 men you had to invite round to get it out :LOL:

    anyways ride safe will yas, imo this pic should be posted on all group ride threads.
  15. Yep still in. Put my new clutch cable in today. Just need to adjust it tomorrow and put the fairings back on and will be right to go.

    See all you guys there.

    What time do you all need to be back in town. I have to be in bentleigh by 3:45 - 4pm
  16. forecast is looking good so far

    Thursday Fine. Min 10 Max 22
  17. 22 gee....best I leave the thermals at home then :)
  18. i start work in the CBD at 4pm, pity it's not a little later but it can be worked with.
  19. ARRRGH i wanna go, but dam bike is still broke :(
  20. Drat - booked the new pup into the vets for thurs :( will just have to do a quick spin tomorrow arvo instead :wink: enjoy yourselves on thurs :)