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[VIC] Sheparton to nagambie, Sat Aug 19th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Wild Violet, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. going to nagambie on the 19th of august for fireblades birthday.. leaving from shepparton lake at 11am with the intention of arriving in negambie before 12.

    more ...
  2. are you taking the direct route or the scenic route? :)
  3. what way do you suggest dan??

  4. shep-tat-rushie-murch-nagambie via kirwins bridge
    roughly around 100 odd kays, bit over an hour traveling
    easy roads although a bit bumpy sometimes :)
  5. ok sound like a plan...
    leavingshepparton lake at 11am--tat-rushie-murch-nagambie via kirwins bridge

    meeting place at lake will be at car park at shell service station.. :grin:
  6. are ya still going if it is raining???
  7. yes but might be a lazy cow and take the cage for once, depends on how wet...
    whats you idea?
  8. thanks for the fleeting moments (when we were around) of keeping us company
  9. I had a ball, felt bad for dan though, stuck with a leaner for the trip! he was certainly a great rider and got a few tips from watching him, granted he was way ahead!!
    only trouble i found was that rickity bridge! can believe i crossed it 3 times!! and didnt fall flat on my face..! :LOL: