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[VIC] Shave for a cure Auction

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Miss_dj, Mar 18, 2007.

  1. HI guys and gals,

    In addition to the funds raised at Southbank, Vesna from Big Brother has kindly donated a gift voucher from her hair and beauty salon which i will be auctioning to the highest bidder for the Netrider Shave for a cure contribution!

    So... ladies, i expect some decent interest and lads, this is a perfect way to give your special someone a nice "out of the blue" gift which will put you in the good books as well as helping out an absolutely fantastic cause... :grin:

    Auction Info:

    Bids to be in $5 increments
    Auction ends 5pm 28th March (As all money raised needs to be given to Deb before the 30th March)


    Thanks peeps - NOW START BIDDING! :wink:
  2. More like Big Vesna my Brother :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  3. ill put in a $20 bid to start the bidding..

    as long as i get to play with her boobs :LOL:
  4. Ok, I'll play... $30.00
  5. Nice work kids!

    We have Yammychick so far with the highest bid of $30...
  6. C'mon kids, whats going on???

    We only have 7 more days!!!!!!

    Its for a great cause ladies and gents so get your bids in :p
  7. Bid

    Ok you got me.... $40

    Now which lady would I give it to? mmmmmmmmm...........lol :p

    Anyone know what was raised at Southbank????
  8. So if a sticking out thong is called a whale tail, what do you call half a exposed bra?
  9. OK so now we have David aka thetramp64 in the lead with a $40 bid...

    C'mon peeps - It to the value of $85 so im sure we can do better than that! :)
  10. Do we get to meet Vesna? :cool:

    If so I might have to go with the lucky recipient.......lol
  11. Yeah of course you do! The Gift Voucher is for a haircut and blow-wave from from Vesna!
  12. Hey DJ where abouts is the salon?
  13. Camberwell
  14. Ok, as it's for a good cause $45.

    no idea what i'll do with it :?
  15. LOL :LOL: Well i suggest that maybe you keep it as a gift for someone (It expires in a year) or for a special lady...

    Also Vesna does gents hairdressing as well!
  16. Oh and i forgot, Woodsy is now is the lead bidder with $45... :p
  17. Umm dont i need hair for that :p
  18. Hmmm - good point lol
    Well you could for the whole XXX thing :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  19. New bid


    Would she do my mo?

  20. Re: New bid

    Hmmm - possibly - lol

    Ok so again thetramp64 is in the lead with the highest bid so far for 50 burckeroonies...

    As i said people, this is for a great cause!