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(VIC) Sharing a silly experience - What did I do to my bike!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by vette1, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. Just responded to post by Haggismaen and it reminded me that I should share my silly experience. :oops:

    My nice CBR900RR What did I do to you - Sob!

    I have been on the road about 5 weeks now and i have (had) a very clean example where I am really starting to enjoy the bike and loving the riding.

    I have a father that used to ride bikes and has memories and a passion for bikes that exceed most still today. Easter Sunday, A wholesome family day ( and no Netrider events!) where I thought I would do the right thing and take him out before lunch. He hopped on and we did about 30 kms before we returned home. He loved it! We got off at the front of the house and I could see the look in his eye. I said, OK take for a ride up the court and park it.

    Zero hesitation! Off he goes up the road around the bowl of the court and then turns to come into the driveway - CRASH!!!! :oops: :cry: :mad: :? :shock: :eek: :( :roll:

    He did nothing silly at all.. The last bike he had did not have front end twin disk hydraulic brakes!! It just went straight out from under him.

    My bike!!! :cry: It was all my fault and I was more worried about my dad than the bike as it was simply embarrassing for him as 3 neighbours came rushing over to help him. He was fine ( I had dressed him properly in case of anu off) but his pride in his riding prowess was extremely dented. Mum and my family were inside the house and heard nothing so i was sworn to secrecy and with the words 'I will pay", "I will pay'.

    That as it may be, a drop at 2km p/h, amazing the damage and effort to repair.

    It cracked the front (special edition) fairing, scuffed the side fairing, bent the rear brake lever, bent the front brake lever and thats about all.

    I said to him don't worry at all, we went in had luch and a great day (all sworn to secrecy).

    As soon as my family left, sh%t!!!! flew out to the garage to survey the damage and immediately stripped the top down to make sure nothing else. Two cracked inner fairing panels were added to the list.

    To my surprise, one of my best friends actually repairs bike fairings (Plastic Weld and Painting three layer pearl colour schemes) as part of his panel beating profession. I did not know but was I happy :LOL:

    But when it comes to cost of parts and the wait for 'non-stocked' parts, thats something else.

    If I wanted a new upper fairing $1,700.00
    A lousey rear brake lever $103.00 (Plus rubber, plus pins etc)
    Inner fairing plastics $140.00 each
    Lead Time on new decals 6-8 weeks.

    Went to wreckers and could only source one rear brake lever in all of Melbourne and no luck with inner fairings.

    Lucky my mate can fix them!!

    Further, I thought I would replace scuffed (old scuffs) mirrors and front indicators. OEM mirror assemblies $170.00 Non Original $50.00. Bargain and look exactly the same!

    Wrong!! - The mirrors looked good but the rubber/plastic sleves were to short and would not stay secured along the mirror shaft. What Crap!! Back they will go.

    The Indicators - No problem with these fitting etc. Purchased left hand and right hand. What did I get?? Two right hands despite pachaking labels. Back one goes!!

    Frankly, the cost of OEM parts is disgracefull but the aftermarket stuff is on the right track but just too cheap to put on a good bike.

    Anyway, I put it all back together yesterday and I am so pleased! It has a couple of discreet scars on the upper fairing until the decals can come in for a full restoration and all other scuffs polished out.

    What is the moral of this story?? Don't drop your bike!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Love your father but - Don't let him ride your bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Don't let ANYONE ride your bike, would be closer to the truth :LOL: There's some evil mathematical equation going on that says if you've had no problems, the first person to ride it apart from you, will.

    I agree about the iniquitious cost of parts, and supply delays too, though. My bike was off the road for nearly 2 months with a simple rear-end accident that was paid for by insurance.......

    Glad to hear you have a happy ending.
  3. No way! I've let my father ride two of my bikes multiple times, no problems at all. Same sort of thing here, he has a passion for bikes, so I egg him on a little to in the hope it will go some way towards purchasing another bike. He's owned many many bikes though but the last one, a BMW, he crashed a few years back and hasn't owned one since. But would dearly love him to get another bike so we could go for a few trips etc.
  4. The only person to ride my bike is my mechanic... I know that bugger can fix any ding or damage that he puts into it....

    After all the love and attention I have pyt into my bike, I wouldn't let Valentino Rossi ride it.... Well maybe I woulod, he at least would be able to pay for any damage.
  5. I've let my father ride my bike Multiple times, even though the fact is he hasn't owned or ridden as road bike in about 22 years. Before that he had owned, ridden and raced a BARREL FULL of bikes. He owned 22 motorcycles before he purchased (exception of a company cars) his his first car when he was 31. They consisted of Ducatis, BMW's, Kawasaki's, Suzuki's, Maicoletta and maybe a Honda or Two.

    He even rode it home the day i purchased it on the 1 1/4 hr trip home. He has since taken it 3-4 times to go to tennis on. I think i may have re-ignited the bug in him. He even started talking about how he dislikes the look of the new BMW all-rounders as they are too Dakar style for he. He like the old 1100 and 1150 models better i think as they are "rounder" and alittle more conventional.

    HMMMM i REALLY hope it get's him back into it.

  6. Re: (VIC) Sharing a silly experience - What did I do to my b

    Too true. If we learn nothing more in life, at least we've learnt this. The only time my dad rode my bike was 3 days after I bought it. He locked the front wheel doing $4600 worth of damage and put it off the road for 9 weeks.
  7. Im lucky they toke my dads licence away from him but I still let my brother ride it now and again as because of past discressions :grin: he is stuck on hie 250 for another 5 months but I guess he is probly a better rider than me(holding gun to my head) so Im pretty sure he will keep it safe [-o< :LOL:
  8. My situation is very similar. My stepdad is responsible for all of my families passion for riding, even my mum rode for a few years.
    He hasn't owned a bike himself for about 8 years now, but last week when I was visiting there was a pile of assorted pamphlets for bikes on the table :grin:
    He grabs a pamphlet and starts giving me the run down on a bike he thinks I should get, then in the next breath he says......
    "this is the one I want!" :LOL: :LOL: Mums not impressed!
  9. After a day of riding, I told my mate to hop on and I would take a photo and email him.
    Kickstand down and parked!

    While talking to his wife with my back to my bike, I hear a sickening crash and thought.....your kidding.....

    I winced, turned around and saw him struggling to hold the already dropped bike.
    We got the bike up and I said through gritted teeth, its ok, its pretty minor, dont worry about it....shit happens.

    Thankfully, the damage was pretty minor, as I had already dropped the bike on that side about 2 months previous....(not thinking and put my kickstand down on a incline, hopped off and bike tipped over with me trying to pull it up - there is no way I can hold 190 kgs up)

    Moral of the story - if you do it - you can only blame yourself and its ok, if someone else does it, you swear and curse but try to remember they are still family or friends....and its only a machine right.....wrong!!!!
  10. sorry to hear about your bike vette1, This is a topic i have thought about a lot. To let another person ride your bike or not?

    However when i had my first bike (gpx250) my friend gave me a ride of his new gsxr600. It was probably the best ride of my life and for that i thank him because i now have a gsxr600 ;)

    I guess you just need to ask yourself, how much experience does this person have (not much in my case lol) and tell em, you break it you fix it.
  11. I had an experience with an old car of mine. It all good to lend your car or bike because the person you lend it to says they will fix it if they break it. But whether the person has the money or will part with the money is a whole different story.

    I ended up selling my old car for a wreck. Its just not worth it.

    You break it you own it, and the only people i let ride my bike have nice bikes and if they break my bike, were swapping bikes for keeps.

    My bike is almost non repairable if it is dropped.

    Thats 10k worth of paint :S

    Im worried about dropping it myself
  12. Trust me, your dad is not the only one to grab the front brakes alittle too hard at low speed :oops:
  13. Well... Maybe it's just me, but I woulda put him straight back on it, he would've saved some pride, gotten his last experience (even a short one) a succesful one...

    Rule is, if you cant afford to replace it.. Dont lend it!!! Dad or not!

    Hope it works out ok for ya!
  14. I ride my old mans bike when i go down to catch up but theres no way id give him the keys to mine. I dont trust anyone with my "Karla" :p
  15. My dear old daddy rides my bike whenever he visits. Same when he visits my brother or my nephew. He'll be 80 next year and sold his last bike two years ago. When it comes to a choice between bike or dad, dad wins every time.
  16. Chances of anybody riding the 12, big fat 0
  17. vette1, whats sadder than the damage to your bike was the soul crushing your dad recieved when he dropped his sons pride and joy, and at the same time ripped his ego apart.

    yet on the other side, you'll both laugh about it in a couple of years :D

    or will it be more like "haha hey dad, remember that time you dropped my bike?"
    "we don't speak of that, remember?"
  18. "vette1, whats sadder than the damage to your bike was the soul crushing your dad recieved when he dropped his sons pride and joy, and at the same time ripped his ego apart. "

    Matty B you are SOoooo correct!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!