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[VIC] Sh&tload of tree debris on Reefton Spur

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' at netrider.net.au started by joetdm, Jun 19, 2010.

  1. Just back from a Marysville loop and riders beware of the amount of tree debris on the Spur all the way to Marysville.
    I've never seen it so bad and had to put up with front and back wheels sliding around a fair bit even at slow speeds.
    You couldn't see any road in some sections almost looking like gravel roads

    That wind the other night has resulted in a sh&tload of trees, large branches, etc falling which have been cleared using chainsaws as there's sawdust freakin everywhere all over the roads.
  2. cheers joe
  3. More precise is the C511 and C513 from Warburton through towards Marysville. As Joe said, so much soft stuff (bark strips/leafs) mostly that you cant even pick a line through some stretches. At least there wasnt too much wood/sticks to play havoc with the front end.The worst I've ridden on but still a good challenge.All in all, a good ride day from the MPMC down this way.

    From Narbethong up the Spur back to Healsville is pretty good considering
  4. Yeah winter has these effects there ](*,)
  5. One thing not mentioned was that debris was combined with really wet roads.
    And will take a lot longer than normal for trucks and cars to clear..

    Some road sweepers would be nice.... PLEASE MR VICROADS!

    I really did get spooked with my wheels sliding but took it as a challenge.
    That's what i found the hardest, not able to pick your lines due to making sure you didn't ride through anything too drastic.

    You quickly learn how to steer and control......lol
  6. next to no debris on the roads we covered today..
  7. Thanks for the heads up people! Going to venture up there tomorrow :)
  8. Ya reckon?=D>

    Still, those winds were unusual and due to the fact that there isnt alot of foilage around. It makes sense that most of the crap was bark from the burnt off trees and not branches.