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[VIC] Selling unregistered bike??

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by AhrimaaN, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. Well my bike is a repairable write-off, and I have been paid out less the wreckers value for the bike. I would much rather the bike go to someone who is wanting to make something of the bike, rather than a wrecker rip off future people for parts... So am wondering what is the best legalese for transferring an ownership of a bike when it is unregistered? I will be removing the plates and rego sticker when I sell it. I've thought heavily about fixing the bike up myself and I just don't have the time otherwise I'd love to keep her going.

    Basically I'm concerned that the next guy could do whatever with the bike, and when police or vicroads look up the VIN they'll find my name attached to it. I'm also wanting some record of me not having the bike anymore in terms of not being responsible for it mechanically after selling (as it will be sold 'as-is')... and also distancing myself from any harm caused by the bike being damaged etc.

    Do vicroads have a process for transferring ownership without registration? Should I just write up a short letter stating transfer of ownership etc and get the buyer to sign it? Will this scare a potential buyer off?

  2. You should be able to sell it with no problems if you take off the rego/plates, the the new owner will have to pay for new rego. As for tracking you through the VIN, i think that only happens if you report it as stolen. I'm fairly sure that's how it works but you might want to give vicroads a call to double check.
  3. fill out a transfer form and also keep a copy and give one to the buyer. After it is sold hand in the transfer paper to vic roads and also hand in the plate as well. When you write a receipt for the new buyer take down his details as well as his licence number. In the event something happens you have his details which you can pass on to the police.
    That will cover you
  4. No problem doing this and I have done it myself although not a write off.
    Cancel the reg and hand the plates in. Write out a receipt for the new owner and give them your name and address details.
    The rest is up to them and VicRoads.
  5. What he said - once the rego is cancelled and you've got a receipt it's not your problem any more. Although if you take the plates off, make sure the new owner has a record of what the rego number was, and preferably a copy of the rego papers - even though they are cancelled - it will make life a lot easier for him when he goes to re-register it.
  6. Does a receipt have to be a proper receipt book thingy or can I just write a letter with the appropriate details and both parties sign it?!?

    Cheers for the help
  7. as long as you've signed it and it's clear what it's about - no problems what it's on.