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[VIC] Seany's Birthday - Quiet Drinks - Fri Oct 27th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by egiste, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. Well, Seany is becoming another year older and has agreed to having "a few people round for quiet drinks" this friday night

    This is a new concept for us, and we are asking fellow netriders to come and help out and join in the fun.

    When: This coming Friday night - 27th of October
    After friday coffee (8pm 'till late)

    Where: Seany and eGiste's house in Eaglemont (PM them for the address / directions)

    BYO - Food and drinks, we will provide ice and nibblies and the use of the BBQ - there is a local bottle shop and supermarket if you need them.

    Please post or PM if you think you can make it, so we know what to expect numbers wise.

    See the netrider calendar entry for more details
    See you all then.
  2. So is this thread gonna be locked too? :grin:

    Sorry guys, we won't be able to make it.
    Hope you have a great night. :beer:
  3. Oops.... double post. .... sorry
  4. Hopefuly not but how could you know? It's a bit of a lottery but that's life I guess. :)

    Anyway, anyone who want's to come round for drinks this Friday is very welcome. :grin:

    For those who don't know (like Loz), Eaglemont is between Ivanhoe and Heidelburg. :) I'll be going to coffee beforehand so anyone who wants to follow me home can do that if it's easiest. :)
  5. How is it a lottery?

    Post it correctly as per the guidelines and it reamains visible and not locked or deleted.

    Hundreds of others manage to add events as per the guidelines and don't seem to have a problem. :roll:

    Fair suck of the sav guys, if you were doing it correctly and it was being deleted because we chose a random topic to pick on then sure, by all means, have a whinge, but remember to do so after you have mastered the art of common sense :p
  6. A bit of lighthearted tomfoolery Vic. Cheer up mate. :)

    It does seem a bit like a lottery though when no reason is given. The only thing I could see missing was the calendar link which couldn't happen until it was approved. That didn't happen until after it was locked so what could he do? Other threads have started in the same manner with no dramas, I've done it myself. :)

    Old news now anyway, there's more important things to drink. I mean do.
    Are you comming for a beer or 10, or do you have that work thing standing in the way? :) :grin:
  7. Working till 11pm :(
  8. Drinking by 11:15 ??
  9. Even after the brief explanation, I still have no idea where Eaglemont is. Do me a favour and go for points on the compas, north? South? East? West? :wink:

    Sounds like a good idea....the drinks, not getting older, that just happens. Shoot me your address Seany, I'll cajole melly into being the designated driver again for the umpteenth time. :oops: :LOL: .
  10. Map sent mate. :wink: Yep, the Northern burbs are just a mess on the Melway but what can ya do. Just program beer into the viffer and it should get you there. :LOL:
  11. Sorry Seany I'm going to a mates graduation. He's just passed all the exams to become one of Bracksies Revenue raisers.
    So Happy Birthday. :grin:
    and to all those going GOOD LUCK FINDING EAGLEMONT! :LOL: :LOL:
  12. FFS! it's a fancy way of saying Heidelburg! :tantrum:

    The only difference is, we're on the socialy acceptable side of Banksia St. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  13. BTW, Mark got served tonight.

    He did nothing immediatly, but later he served back.

    So Friday night (or perhaps early Saturday), It's on. :cool:
  14. Dude, what if they didn't watch south park ??
  15. Then they should get ready to get served. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: And then, It's on. :cool: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. are you still at the same place seany when yo had drinks for your b'day last year? If not can you pm your new address.

    Cheers stewy

    Seeya friday
  17. Yep, still at the same house.See you then. :)
  18. I'll be there to help celebrate your birthday! See you then if not at coffee before hand! :grin:
  19. Hey Seany,
    Will be there to help you celebrate getting another year older :beer:
    I'm getting bitched to your place after Friday night coffee, should be rocking up with a procession of bikes :cool:

    Is there going to be a bonfire out the back fueled with any "excess" fence palings you don't need :-w
  20. I'll tag along after coffee's too, provided I get around to changing my oil