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VIC Scooter hire

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by DRMAT, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. Anyone know where i could possibly hire a cheap scooter for a few days... the mrs car is in getting fixed so she'll have mine and i would rather ride a scooter than walk to work :grin: Preferably around Clayton sort of area.

  2. You cant ride or hire a scooter in Vic without a licence.
  3. but if he has his L's he can

    he asked for a scooter hire shop.. not if he can ride with out a license?

    sorry don't know any hire places other than Garners
  4. Vic and Scooter are hiring themselves out? :shock:
  5. Bugger can't you? But you can in other states? I'm sure we had it all tee'd up to hire a scooter in Qld on a car lience before. Stupid state laws.
  6. Victoria, ACT,TAS requires a motorcycle licence.
    NSW does too, but also has a conditional automatic scooter licence scheme.

    In QLD, as in a few other states (WA, SA, and NT) you can go on a restricted 50cc scooter on a car licence. Other capacity scooters require a motorcycle licence as per normal.
  7. Ahhh thanks for clearing it up. Well that sucks.
  8. VIC Scooter Hire

    [img:640:485:6817a15a95]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v118/groberts03/Motorbikes%201/vic_on_scooter.jpg[/img:6817a15a95] :)
  9. LOL does he charge much... looks like an outdated model thats had a hard life :D