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[VIC] Saturday morning learners practice 10am

Discussion in 'VIC' started by urbansloth, Jan 21, 2009.

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  1. A bit of support shows we need to move this from "idea" to "reality" - the concept being a regular meeting point for those looking to assemble a group ride without prior plans.

    Have you found yourself looking for some ride buddies on a Saturday morning? Great, turn up here. :)

    If other people turn up: great, you have a posse. If not, oh well, continue your ride solo as you were going to anyway. But lets give this some support - maybe even organise your group ride to kick off here, to pick up some extra numbers?

    Meeting Place: Every Saturday Morning, 10am @ BP at St Kilda Marina (same place as Thurs MR)

    First iteration of the plan will be on Saturday 24th January - get amongst it!!

    Once there's a group assembled, have a chat to your cohorts, figure out a route, and then do it!

    Who's in?? :grin:

    PS: Mods, can we sticky pls...?
  2. [flamesuit=on]

    Now I know this sounds silly, but I can't actually attend the first iteration of my own ride, but interest from the Planning forum wanted it kicked off asap, so there should be a few turnups.

    But I will be there for Jan 31st! I'll lead a ride of approx 300-400kms (full day), of level = experienced Learner upwards.

    Get amongst it folks, I reckon this will work out well if we can get it some traction - GO THE SATURDAY "RR"!! :grin:

  3. sounds fantastic, i may stumble down sat morning to the BP and get myself a big M to sober up. seeyas there :LOL:
  4. Sounds like a good idea, Saturdays often suit me better then Sundays when all the rides are on.
  5. I'd like another ride day however I work most weekends.
    Damn hospitality industry!
  6. So I hope you get some numbers there tomorrow, my apologies for not being able to make it to help the first week along...

    Once again, sound off if you can make Sat 31st, I'll be leading a good-un', which looks like it'll merge in with nibor's 3 peaks ride at some point for an even bigger posse!
  7. nice work sloth boy :)

    why couldnt you make the first ride I wonder?? didn't want to lead the group to Jindabyne hey?

  8. might come past a little late and see if you guys are still working on the route if not its solo riding :p

    people whom attended first sat RR = less than 1
  9. So, how did it go???

    I had visitors ring and drop in so I was a non-starter.

    Just wondered what, if anything, I missed.
  10. :LOL: , what a disaster.

    I didn't go because I remembered news forecasting 40 degrees, so I decided to sleep in. When I woke up at around 10, it was a pleasant 24 degrees.

    Don't worry, theres always next Saturday.
  11. Well tomorrow's weather been downgraded from 'f*ck me I'm melting' to just 'bitchin hot'...

    I'll be there tomorrow to see if there's anyone else up for charbroiling at 100km/h...
  12. Forecast for tomorrow does look OK - especially if we stay near the water. At the coast the forecast is around 30 while inland up to 40. So a drive to either Mornington or GOR could be nice. Will be there.
  13. Saturday morning's a great idea... Fairly new to Melourne and always looking or a posse and some new roads. Sat RR, I'm in!
  14. I'll be there. haven't touched my bike all week. hanging for a ride
  15. ill be stoppin by see how the turn out is, weather aint that bad compared to the last few days!!
  16. Well we certainly got a "Random" ride today - down around the peninsula where it was nice and cool, then on up into the hills later in the day once it had cooled down.

    Only 5 of us, but cheers to Mikkey, Cindy, Dave and Pat - a good day had by all! :)
  17. glad i rocked up, the ride along the beachs wer awesom, wasnt too hot
    an met a few good peeps :) cheers for the ride wasnt expecting arthurs seat!! how was the ride threw the hills?

    wont be able to make the ride today.. me postin now means ive slept in :LOL:
  18. 43 degrees expected on Saturday - I think I'll be wussing out on this one!

    Will hide out in my non-airconditioned apartment instead...which will probably be 47 degrees... :cry:
  19. Yeah damn I was up for one this Sat but that forecast doesn't look good. Yeah I know...HTFU...but I've been out and about riding long days in insane heat a bit lately, so I will see how the weather looks in the morning. Could always spend the day in a pub if it's too hot :LOL:
  20. Cin won't be riding this Sat either. need to do a bit of weekend work :-(
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.