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[VIC] Saturday Jamieson 3/10/2009

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by rdkls, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. It's gonna be cold! It's gonna be tough! And you're gonna love it! You know why? Because Bruce is leading! That's right the meanest, leanest .... possibly the cleanest ..... rider this side of .... Walhalla .... is taking a dry run up to Jamieson, in preparation for ... another ride up there later sometime .....

    The Interested depart Elwood BP 10am Saturday.
    The disinterested wallow in despair of what could have been.
    Be there!
  2. Might just get into a bit of this action myself.

    (shouldn't be too cold though? As long as it's not pissing down...)
  3. +1... Might just be in myself.
  4. Thanks Nick, I might just rock up to this myself..........Now where are we going?......LOL.

    Cheers Bruce
  5. you better bloody be there :]
    otherwise i'm gonna hijack those learners all the way to jamieson
  6. I will try my best...just got home, was a little more involved than I thought it would be.

    I'm necking Beroccas, water and Neurophen and hope to be with you in the morning!!! Gilesy, I'll speak to you on the morrow...
  7. Hmmm no go i'm afraid. don't think I can de-slack the chain in time...
  8. !Scratch that - COMING
  9. The boys before the left for Jamieson =D>

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  10. Was a good day! The hang over disappeared by about Warburton :LOL:

    Cheers for leading Bruce, good job! :grin: And to rdkls for TECing :grin:

    Didn't quite make it to Jamieson myself....what with the *ahem* hold up through the Reefton Spur ... *cough* ... I had to head back to get to dinner in time.

    Gilesy and I had a pint or two near our places - was bloody brilliant!

    So the three of you headed there? When did you get back? Was it good? So many questions!!!

    (thanks for posting the pics, kitt :) )
  11. + 1 ..interesting day I hear :-w
  12. And yeah, didn't get around to fixing the chain tension, but went anyway, luckily it didn't fly off and all was well.

    Near Reefton
  13. I got to Jamieson half an hour before the other two rock up lol............so I went to the pub had a beer, then down to the caravan park and asked about the 2 cabins that are available for Next Saturday night.



    Bring your own Sleeping Bag (Bedding not supplied)

    Now I know its a gamble with the weather but if you don't book in advance you will miss out.

    Just pack your wet weathers......easy!

    Must Pay By Tuesday 6/10/09

    Contact (Kitt) Netrider via PM so we know how many are coming or myself if you have too lol
  14. George, We/I hope you have a speedy recovery mate!!!!

    If there's to much pain just take more DRUGS and don't worry to much about your bike, it looks like its a good repairer.

    I know its your only form of transport,but I don't think you will be needing a bike in the near future, and I think you were VERY VERY Lucky to come out of that as good as you did.

    Look, if you need anything give me a call, be happy to help.

    Cheers Bruce
  15. George, +1 to what Bruce said mate.

    Heal up, keep Bruce updated with how you are health-wise and we'll find out from him :)

    The bike will come up well in time. Not a bad outcome, the main thing is you are (relatively) okay!
  16. fixed :roll:
    How about I just book both cabins , otherwise it will get awfully confusing as to who's paid what , can split the payments up on the day ..
    And where the hell am I spose to put a sleeping bag on my bike ?? ARGHHHH !!!

    Oh and I have dibs on bottom bunk again !! YaY !!
  17. Oh and George ..

    get well soon ... you are one VERY lucky rider !!

    I have a little 250 virago for sale , that's if you're game enuff ;)
  18. Yeah great guys.... Thanks!!!
    Thanks Bruce for leading a great job done there. Nick for Tec, another great job.

    George hope your feeling ok and the pain is easing. Take it easy.
  19. What happened to George? Last time I saw you you had an off from the Tram tracks, but this sounds a little worse?!
  20. Short version - Tight LHander near Reefton. He hit brakes and went off road. Legs hit tree but just bruised. Bike rideable but fairing and front end stuffed.