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[Vic] Saturday 27th Dec Learners Ride to Noojee - PICS

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Morbo28, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. Thought I'd post some pics form today's ride to Noojee.

    After meeting at Stud Rd, we headed to Gembrook for a brief break, and on to the Toolshed for a a feed in Noojee. After lunch on the way towards Emerald, out of nowhere it started pissing down rain. We were in some twisties at the time, so there was no sage place to stop (EDIT: I was going to fix that spelling to 'safe', but I'm pretty happy with 'sage'), so it was just a matter of everyone grinning and bearing it until we could find somewhere to stop. Just when we found somewhere to put the wet gear one (ie and cover my camera, phone etc), it stopped raining. Murphy's Law. It was pretty bloody hot before and after the rain, so you can see there was heaps of steam about when it was raining.

    Thanks for slow coach for leading :grin:

    First stop Gembrook Bakery

    Lunch at the Toolshed in Noojee


    The regroup after the rain. Yep, that's steam.


    It was a great day, thanks everyone :grin:

    I can't come to the one tomorrow, but see the events section, there is a spurs ride I have planned for Tuesday :)

  2. [​IMG]

    The smoke... I mean steam :shock: clears after Cam's record breaking 3km rolling burnout.


    Nice ride Cam. Thanks for a good day guys, even the wet bit.

    'Til nextime...

  3. Woooaaaaaahhhhhh...here's the very photo I was taking when you took that shot. Spooooookkkkky.


  4. Attendees (for the record) where:
    • Slow Coach (Cam) - EL CAPITAN!
      Mouth (Jason)
      Bamm Bamm
      Sass (Sarah)
      phojomark (Mark)
      Morbo28 (Simon)
      Dan & Sal
      barut (Cenk)
      guye777 (Guy)
    (Did I get this right?)

    And dya know we saw puffing billy?


    And AT LEAST 40 of these signs! Cool!

    Great day Cam. And thanks mentors!
  5. great day, very scenic route, loved it.

    thanks for organising this Cam.
  6. Glad you all had fun.

    I enjoyed even though it was the first ride I have lead.

    Will note to put another stop in on the way home.

    Well done everyone on keeping it safe.
  7. Spookier still - I was taking the photo at the nearly the same time too!