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[VIC] Sat L's/New Rider practice

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Nightowl, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. Hi folks,

    A quick compilation of some clips & pics from Saturday learner & new rider practice over the past few months - includes a little footage taken last Saturday for those who attended.



  2. That was Brilliant!!! Well done Nightowl. I think I'm going to watch it again.
  3. Great vid. :grin:
  4. Hey look! I'm on the intertubes!


    Nice work Nightowl!
  5. Love your work, Nightowl!!!
  6. Good stuff, Nightowl.

    Oh, and thankyou for the thankyou.
  7. You're a gun on the video editor NiteOwl ... what do you use?

    Very nice work :)

  8. Awsome work NiteOwl.........
  9. Brilliant stuff.
  10. Good stuff. I like how much better people got on the weaves towards the end!

  11. great vid congrats
  12. yup what he said ^ .. awesome work there nightowl :p
  13. Wow! Thanks everyone ... but it's all of you that make it so much fun. (y)

    lol! akaluke, must've been the new batteries I put in. :wink:

    KLR Nirvana, am using Windows Movie Maker at the mo'.
  14. But you captured all the fun so well done :)
  15. What was with the cops? They seem to direct all of you off the road for nothing.
  16. Thanks, Resmen. :)

    Nucleotide - they'd already handed out info leaflets (& taken our details) at the BP before setting up the drive-thru down the road. The officer we'd met recognized us and waved us on through.