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VIC Sat Afternoon ride 1pm 27th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by mainstage, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. Hey ''all

    Off out for a afternoon ride tomorrow ( sat 27.Aug) form 1pm so if anyone would like to come along feel free :)

    over to Healsville from Berwick so it's Emerald Gembrook Wooriyallock Healsville .. and back thought Launching place .

    I'm thinking class 2/3 but will see who turns up and have a chat

    Meeting point : Shell service station Princes Hwy Berwick corner of Clyde Rd and Princes Hwy .

    Time 1pm back around 4 4.30ish ....Weather looks good . can't do all day kids sport in the am ..
  2. Will see how I go & might be able to make it. Just need to work out the wifes plans for the weekend & see if I get any time off.

  3. Plans sorted out & I will be riding tomorrow. See you there for 1pm. I'll be on a blue/white GSX650F

  4. Would love to mate, but AFL game of the round tomorrow night ;)
  5. Good time of day for my liking. Not break of dawn and back before 5pm.

    I might just be able to make this one. Been a long while since I've been on a group ride.

    If I make it, Ill be on a white and black Honda Fireblade.
  6. Yes thanks all good :) my wife was saying I should call this a "" people with shit to do in the morning ride ""

    C u then Adrian
  7. Thanks for the ride & company Adrian. Brilliant day to be out and about & not a great deal of traffic on the roads. Comfortable pace without pushing. Didn't realise you were stopping when we parted ways near your place as I thought you were just going to slow down & peel off with a wave. I probably wouldn't have heard much with earplugs though.

    Anytime you want to go for another ride let me know & I'll try to get out.

    Thanks again & ride safe

  8. thanks Al no problem . yes great ride beautiful day. I will try to organize something once a month now the weathers improving and see if we can get more people on board . good 4 hours well spent and a nice ride for people with only an afternoon to spare . thanks for coming along .
  9. Anyone near SE suburbs up for a ride this afternoon?
  10. Any idea where from Rush? Or where to?
  11. Would love to ... I'll just go collect the pile of bits that is my GS, and push it along in a wheelie bin ](*,)
  12. Sorry mate, I was expecting a notification with any responses to this post. Must need to subscribe to the thread again...

    I'm in Berwick, and was looking at a shortish ride as i need to be back home by about 4:30.

    Was thinking the roads out toward Emerald way...

    PM me if you see this and there is still time.
  13. Yeah if ya need to be back by 4:30ish by the time I get there it probably wouldn't be worth it. ( I wont PM you as I don't wanna get your hopes up :p )
  14. All good. I notice your in Mornington, so that will be a nit of a hike.

    I was getting the bike serviced before and most of my old bike crew have either lost their licences or doing other things on the weekend...

    Well, I'm going to get out for a quick spin.

    We'll organise earlier next time. (y)