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[VIC] Sat 15th Nov. Spanner day

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Cameron Moir

    Well as some of you are aware I have some bits that need to be put on my bike.

    1) Braided lines
    2) Gear indicator
    3) Pazzos
    4) mirror extenders
    5) rear light
    6) HIDs

    So I am having a spanner day on saturday. If you wish to pop by and laugh ...

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  2. I'll stop by Cam, useless at the mech stuff, but good at the homebrew stuff. I think you're in pretty close by me anyway. What time and where? PM me please
  3. Don't you think that Jan 1st 1970 is a tad far back in time? :wink:

    Are you still at the same place mate?
  4. no idea how that happened.

    Yes mate same place.
  5. some people have said a few things about the work but most questions seem to be about the home brew. So here is a list.

    1) Bitter
    2) wheat beer
    3) Ginger beer
    4) Cider
    5) Pils
    6) Stout
    7) Lager
    8) Draught.

    Now there are others but these are the only ones I can get in the fridge at the moment.
  6. Thanks everyone for their help.

    I was surprised that we managed to get all the bits on the bike. I am also very surprised that only a little bit of beer was drunk. Might have to just do a beer day.

    Good to catch up again Dougz, Sarz, Donski, Grey BM, Lizzy M, Truecallin, Endurotourer.
  7. ... and good to see your tail light has finally come out of the closet. :LOL:
  8. Thanks for the beers Cam. Not qualified to judge your mechanical efforts, but your homebrewing skills are top notch. Sorry, not able to contribute much to the technical goings on, but hope my sparkling wit and charming company earned my keep.
  9. That problem is easily fixed. Now that we know beer is involved, Loz and I will gratefully accept the challenge of reducing your supply at the earliest opportunity :LOL: :LOL:
  10. I have photos of the sexy new XX tail light, you will just have to wait until I'm at work on monday to post them ...just you wait peoples...
  11. As promised...

  12. You did rather well in both mechanical and brewing departments, Cam. Your new tail light looks fantastic...and may I say your Stout is too good. :grin: Now GreyBM has to put on his brewers cap. :LOL:
  13. The tail light kinda looks like an anus...

  14. Dougal, stop spending so much time in gay beats.
  15. If that's what yours looks like mate, see a doctor IMMEDIATELY.

    Cam, well done on the install.

    Now, beer. Beer? Beer. I am distraught to realise that I only discovered you made home-brew beer AFTER I moved out of stumbling range of your place.