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VIC-Sat 11 Nov Ride to Thomson Dam via Noojee - Short Notice

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Sir Ride Alot, Nov 10, 2006.

  1. First meeting point 8:00am at the small car park at the cnr of the ring road and Plenty Rd Bundoora (North side of the ring road). Depart 8:30am for Warrandyte, Lilydale and along the Warburton hwy to the second meeting point at Yarra Junction(coffee) at approx 9:30am. Depart 10:00am for Noojee, Fumina, Tanjil Sth and Thomson Dam. Return trip down to Walhalla (lunch) and then back to Bundoora via Noojee, Healsville(coffee) and Yarra Glen.

    BOM forecasts the weather as good.

    Disclaimer: This is an unofficial ride and the pace will be fairly cruisy as that's all the 2 fiddy (& maybe the rider) will allow.
  2. How short is this short notice, today, tomorrow? :LOL:

    I'll wait at Willow Grove and join up with you, depending on what day you're going.
  3. I might be interested if it's tomorrow (Sat 11th Nov). I was s'posed to go to MEL but that doesn't look like it's happening.
  4. Oops! Sorry for leaving out the date. Have corrected the heading. The ride is for Saturday 11th of November.
  5. Okay, I'll wait outside Willow Grove store.

    Might see if Andrew wants to come for a quick ride too.

    MJT, do you want to stop in at our place on the way or meet up at end of Purvis/Walhalla Road intersection?
  6. cruisingal. See ya there hopefully around 11ish.
  7. Look forward to it Sir, see you in the morning :grin:
  8. Cruisin', PM me your mobile. What time would you like to leave your place? I think that it's about 20 mins. from there to WG, isn't it?
  9. It's done. I'll be meeting CG near her joint out at Moe North (or Yallourn West) to head up to Willow Grove, getting there around 11.

    A mate of mine lives in WG, so I'll give him a call in the morning. He might be interested in taking his Guzzi Breva out for a spin, seeing as he's gonna be missing out on our Tintaldra ride in a coupla weekends' time.

    Do they sell coffee at the WG General Store, I wonder? Or maybe we could leave a bit earlier and head to the Red Parrot Cafe in Noojee for a cuppa and a piece of cake?
  10. A maybe for this ride, if so, meet at Launching Place at 9.30am
  11. Hi Sir Ride Alot, I was thinking about a ride tomorrow so might join you on this one. Yarra Junction at 9:30am would suit me just fine. It's not that big but did you have a cafe/meeting point/side of the street in mind?

  12. ah, friggin server, i was gonna post the same as Tiga. I will be at the 9.30am meet point.
  13. Just got back in. If you want to head to Noojee we would have to leave earlier. 9:30, 9:45? If I don't hear from you, I'll assume it's the 10.30 meet up the hill for Willow Grove.
  14. Add another 2 for the Yarra Junction meet point. My good self & Realm will hook up with you there. So don't leave without us. On second thoughts -don't worry. We'll have some fun catching up :LOL:
  15. Hey im in for this one too. Can somebody tell me where yarra-Junction is ?

  16. YJ is just East of Woori Yallock on the Warburton Highway, about 18km from Lilydale.
  17. Not far from Warri Yallok on the Warbaton Hwy. :)

    Edit: I won't join you but I have been trying to convince Geordielass to come for a spin with me if the Jet Lag has worn off. Noojee was on my mind as an ideal run so we may see you at the destination on the way somewhere. :)

    Does anyone know what the road condition is like on that run at the moment? The forrest section remains permanently damp through much of the winter, has it dried out much? :)
  18. Ok Sir Ride Alot, I'll come along again for a sedate cruise. It's a bit of a pain for me to head to Bundora just to come back again, so I'll try to hook up with Tiga and meet you at Yarra Junction as well.

    Tiga, we didn't decide on a meeting place, so which way are you going to Yarra Junction? As you know, I am in Templestowe (near the top end of Victoria St), so we can meet as you pass through, even if it's just for a run up the Maroondah Hwy. Or we could try to catch Sir Ride Alot as he passes through Warrandyte. Make a suggestion.

    Sir Ride Alot, what road are you taking from Warrandyte to Lillydale, the Warrandyte-Ringwood/Wonga/Plymouth Road to Maroondah Hwy, or the Jumping Creek/Paynes/Edward Road to Maroondah Hwy?

    If all else fails, see everyone at Yarra Junction.
  19. I can meet you at warrandyte car park if somebody can give me a time ?
    I still dont know where yarra junction is nevermind woori yallok .........

    Im crap with directions

    Somebody give me a time for warrandyte and I will see you there
  20. Tiga, RoderickGI. Can you suggest a nice place at Yarra Junction to meet up for coffee?