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Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by vahramh, Aug 11, 2015.

  1. Hi guys,

    I'm planning for the best way to spend my Christmas / New Year break (2 weeks). What better way than to ride around with the wife on the back! You're together all day, she gets to hug you all day, and you don't have to talk or listen to her!

    So I brought up Google Maps and started drawing lines. Ended up with this:

    Google Maps

    Leaving from Melbourne, I'm thinking we'll have stopovers at Mt Gambier, Adelaide (2 or 3 days, apparently there are some fun rides there), Renmark, Hay, Canberra (a couple of days), Eden and Lakes Entrance.

    What do you think? The top line from Renmark to Canberra looks a bit boring, other than that it looks like a fun ride, right? Any improvement suggestions?

    The other idea is going around Tasmania - last time we did in in a hurry (5 days) and hence didn't have much time to ride around.
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  2. Yes the Renmark across route is fairly boring. Coming from SA by bike only the coastal route is interesting. I would do more of the Vic NSW highlands rather than the coastal runs.

    The Bonang is probably a bit challenging and tiring two up. The Mitta Mitta run or the Alpine Way. Over east if you are taking the coastal route the Imlay road. (East to West, it is much more cut up by logging trucks West to East) Bogong High Plains Road, Granya Gap, Murray Valley Highway, Murray River Road are all good runs.

    If you are feeling adventurous the Barry Way which is all dirt but runs along the Snowy River and is spectacular scenery. No fuel anymore on that road there was one pump at Seldom Seen but I believe that has closed so be careful of your range if you choose that way.,
  3. Just remember it is double demerit points in NSW from Midnight Wednesday 23 December to midnight Sunday 3 January (or 24 December 2015 to 3 January 2016 inclusive). ;)
  4. Just a few thoughts.
    The SA coast from Mt Gambier to the the Murray River is austerely beautiful but painfully monotonous to ride.
    There are many fine minor roads south and east of Adelaide. Don't need to follow the freeway.
    The Mallee (Sturt Highway) can be very hot at that time of year. The straights would drain me.
    There are more interesting ways through the Alps. But they don't include Canberra.
    There is no better place on earth to ride than Tasmania. Unless it rains.
  5. Me and the Mrs (she gets her own bike) are in the middle of planning our own end-of-year adventure. From the north coast of NSW to Tasmania and back (~5000 kms). Can't wait to start...
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  6. South Eastern freeway into Adelaide is boring. You could use the old road (Old Princess Hwy, its alright. My preferred way way would be to turn off at Wellington, go to Strathalbyn, then to Meadows via Paris Creek road, then to Adelaide via Clarendon. You would want to consider fatigue in the equation I suppose.
  7. I would skip Canberra and do a bit more riding around the Snowy Mountains once you're in NSW. Plenty of amazing roads and scenery through there.

    In saying that, I'm jealous of the trip!