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Vic RWC questions

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by ______JG, Dec 8, 2014.

  1. Gents,

    Wondering if anyone can help answer this question.

    I've put on the original fender for RWC and because the front indicators are LED i'm getting hyper flashing.

    Will this be an issue for RWC in Vic?

    Any cheap solutions?


  2. Gents,

    I've got a two brothers full system on my Yamaha FZ6R which will most def. fail RWC.

    Still got the stock ready for RWC but do not have the time to do it myself.

    Any ideas on what I am likely to be charged for this? + RWC?

    I'd like to know what this kind of thing is worth as I have no idea and don't want to get ripped off.

    Cheers for your help
  3. There is a maximum flash rate but I'm unsure what it is though.
    Price of RWC is set by the tester/business. You'll just have to ring around and ask.
  4. Ok too easy
  5. For the pipe, I'd take the stocker down with you, they may not even make you put it on...
  6. VicRoads require the RWC approval to come with about 120 (yes 120!) photos of different items on a bike. These photos must be kept for some years and are liable for checking by VicRoads (funny how they don't have the same requirement for cars...).

    You will need either OEI or certified exhausts fitted for the RWC, good tyres, working indicators/lights, etc etc.

    I had a tyre required to be replaced because the RWC is valid for 28 days and 'it might wear out in that time'. A new tyre could be bald after a dozen burn outs, too :banghead:
  7. no not 120 pics i had one done about 9 months ago 5 pics and it was done even had full sports system with straight through can and it passed led indicators and all oh and for cars its the same actually more pics for a car
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    Yes, the fast flash rate will be an issue. I can't remember the exact requirement but I did look it up a few months ago and there's a $x flashes per $y seconds defined in the ADR.

    It's caused by the LED indicators drawing less current than the stockers. The flasher relay that controls them is load-dependent and designed to flash faster if the load drops below a certain threshold to notify you when one of your indicator bulbs is blown.

    There are two ways to fix it;

    1. Run a resistor in-line with the positive wire on each of your indicators so they create more load on the relay.

    2. Buy a non-load-dependent flasher relay. This is what I did with the Hayabusa and it should set you back less than $20 on eBay.

    With regards to the exhaust - If you can just put the stock cans back on that might get you through. If you've got a full system that eliminates an o2 sensor in the header required for emissions that might be an issue, though. Most exhaust systems also come with removable baffles that will bring them down to more acceptable levels.

    If you supply the stock exhaust to whoever is doing RWC they'll generally re-fit it for you if required at the same time. I've had good experiences with Brad at Bikecraft Custom Streetbikes in Mordialloc.
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  9. Correct


    Incorrect. The resistor has to add load, therefore it has to be connected in parallel (not "inline", which is normally understood to mean "in series") with the existing load. You could achieve this by placing a resistor in parallel with each LED indicator, or maybe by connecting only one resistor on the load side of the flasher can, depending on the circuitry of that bike.

    Also correct.
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  10. Very comprehensive feedback. Thank you
  11. Ok so here is the outcome.

    RWC is $75 at Engine Fit Brunswick (cheap as f - nearly 50% less than others) . But it needs to be good to go - if there is an issue these dude's cant make an adjustment I need to take the bike elsewhere.

    So in light of this I changed the pipes over with my father in law - took 25min.

    The cheapest and easiest option was to buy "bulb" indicators off aus ebay store (easy for me to understand, cheaper, fast postage and quick install time)


    These should arrive Friday. Install and ready for roadworthy monday.

    Job Done.

    Cheers for all the help guys.
  12. just one thing about the indicators u bought are they the required size ie large enough in size as i am pretty sure thats another thing that u have to worry bout aftermarket indicators
  13. Apologies for asking another question in your topic but would damaged fairings be a problem for roadworthy? A few small bits are missing and there are a few cracks but they are still well secured to the bike. Also there's a dent in the tank would that be a problem?
  14. shouldnt be as they r cosmetic how big is dent in tank and r the fairings loose
  15. The fairings are still solid. The dent is pretty big about 10cm diameter