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[VIC] RWC Pain

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by RainMann, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. MOD: in future I'll just lock the thread and move it into holding if you don't abide by the rules and post which state you are referring to.
    G'day All,

    Being trying to get RWC for my bike, so far I've installed standard rear indicators, baffles for the pipes and will install standard mirrors soon.

    I really need to get this bike rwc and reg'd, as its getting risky riding around without rego.

    Can anyone tell me if the way the pipes are set up is roadworthy? And The Front Indicators?

    Vicroads is inspecting this bike Next thursday, I already have the Roadworthy Certificate, but they reckon they still need to inpsct the bike.

    All I want to do is stop wasting time and money trying to get the legal stuff in order, and actually get to enjoy my new bike properly,

    If you want to see any more pics of the bike see my garage.

    Any suggestions / opinions? Cheers


  2. Re: RWC Pain

    ... Pretty risky posting your number plate and all but admitting riding it without rego...

  3. The only legal requirements for exhausts on bikes is noise, a photo won't achieve anything.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. The way the bike is in that photo it will fail, as the indicators do not conform to the ADR's.

    Indicators must be 30cm apart.

    As Andrew said, its noise that will get you into trouble not how close together they are.

    Flush mount indicators may cause you headaches. Not sure about that.

    Good luck all the same.

    Good choice of bike :)
  5. Thanks for the speedy feedback guys.

    I have already installed legal rear indicators, and temporarily unplugged the rear indicators. I was referring to the front indicators. The bike no longer has that rego.

    My question refers to the front indicators. And I thought as the way the exhaust is mounted below the undertail may be unroadworthy.

    So Id like to know about the:

    front (flush mount indicators)
    exhaust position
  6. Oh with your mufflers, get some of teh stainless steel steel wool (looks like drill shavings) and stiff them down your muffler, with a wire coathanger hooked into it (for removal). Ride gently and it won't blow out, and you WILL pass! :twisted:
    Just get some $29.99 cheapo plastic indocators, cable tie em on and tape over the aftermarket ones for rego.
    Note for young players, get the bike regoed THEN modify it. It's just so much easier that way.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. thanks for your feedback, but as i mentioned in my original post i have already installed rear indicators and baffles in the pipes that i ordered from staintune. The noise is NOT the issue. a bloke in a bike store mentioned that the exhaust was too close to the rear wheel.
  8. Exhaust position is fine.

    Not sure on the flushmounts. New bikes are being delivered with them so I doubt they will cause you grief.

    I've got some flushies on the way to me, hope they fit.
  9. cheers vic, that was more the feedback i was looking for. yeah the flushies look pretty sweet, just adds to the sleekness of the bike. i cant wait till im reg'd and can take off the sh*tty looking indicators that i mounted on the back. bolted them on behind the numberplate with little brackets from bunnings.
  10. If you have a RWC you'll be fine. Vicroads just check to see if the VIN and Engine no. match that of the RWC.

    I had to show my Vicroads guy where the engine no. was. It's not a 2nd RWC inspection.
  11. +1, literally takes a few minutes :)
  12. +1

    If that. :)
  13. thanks guys, that puts to rest a bit of my stressing about the bike. i just got the impression from the b*tch at vicroads that someone was gonna come out and point out every little thing that may infringe on the law and I'd have to go and get all the paperwork and fee's done all over again because I have never registered the bike before.

    well hopefully this time next week i'll be legal
    cheers :wink:
  14. As said before, Vicroads will only be interested in making sure the numbers match. The dudes there are not engineers and will not care how loude the thing is but you wont even have to fire it up.
    A RWC is a document saying at the time it conforms to our states requirements to be on the road.
    Goos luck and dont stress.
  15. Yep, what Chris said.

    If you already have the roadworthy Vic Roads won't care. They will just match up the engine and frame numbers off the bike and on the RWC. :)
  16. All the Vicroads people know about bikes is that they have two wheels and an engine. That's it.

    They want to take as little amount as time as possible. Memorise in advance how to find the engine no. and bring a screw driver with you, so you can put your new rego sticker in.

    To minimise mucking around, also buy a rego sticker holder (if you don't already have one).
  17. cheers boys and girls, ive been on the road for quite a few years but never had to register any vehicle, always bought one with rego.
  18. also, I think that the Vicroads inspection maybe a good revenue raiser, $30ish for 5 minutes (equates to $360 per hour) :p