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[VIC] RWC exhaust requirements

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by BoostJunky, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. What is the standard to pass RWC w/ regards to the exhaust system?

    I am wanting to remove the baffle from my exhaust if it will still pass RWC.

  2. What sort of bike?
  3. A good starting point is for it to be under the noise limit.

    I don't know what the limit is, I usually just pull the clutch in when around cops/EPA.

    As to other legalities, it depends on the year/model of your bike, and what state you live in.
  4. I live in VIC and it is a 2004 SV650S. I cant stand how quiet it is stock. I could practically sneak up behind someone on it.
  5. I'm no expert, but I've heard a spada with holes drilled in the baffle and it sounded ferocious, so I'm tipping the 650 would not pass. If I were you, hunt around the wreckers or Ebay for a second stock pipe (should be fairly cheap) and remove the baffle out of it and keep your original pipe for RWC testing..

    Would love to hear the 650 minus the baffle. Can you link to some footage if you end up doing it?
  6. Hey PRESTO, jump onto ebay now and type in "sv650 exhaust pipe" and theres one for slae at the moment. S/S starting at 59 bucks in Melb..
  7. Sure can.

    I found one on ebay locally but they dont list what year its for so Im gonna check on that. Ive heard my bike with a full Yosh on it and it sounded fantastic. Got very loud past about 7k.

    I dont know any wreckers around. Any suggestions?
  8. Mod: moving to politics/laws/govt.

    Other Mod: added the VIC to title since it wasn't originally from this forum.
    Thanks Loz.
  9. Shoot them an email on ebay and ask for year, otherwise yellow pages "motorcycle wreckers VIC" and failing that www.findapart.com.au, and if you want to get creative buy from Ebay USA cos the Aussie dollar is so strong at the moment..
  10. Just noticed you posted this as I was typing my reply about the same one. lol
  11. Needs to be <94dB @ one metre, from memory. There's also a ride-by test, but not sure what the deal with that is.
  12. I thought it was 96db (i know it is for cars and bikes down here in tas)
  13. I have a gutted muffler on my bike so its quite loud. I did the RWC when I bought the bike and they said it was too loud but he said if I got pulled over just say I just changed it. From starting he said its too loud already.
  14. Have a look at whats stamped on your frame (left side, just behind the bars). [​IMG]

  15. ive got staintune pipes on my vtr1000, and all i had to spend was $40 to order in some baffles which fit right in the end of the pipe with a single bolt so can be removed once RWC. easy and cheap and ive i get issued a notice all i have to do is bolt them right back in.
  16. My debaffled VTR1000 passed RWC (and its LOUD).

    Just depends on who does it.

    PS if your in Melbourne raceway suzuki did mine :)