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[VIC] Rosedale - Hyland Hwy *Update*

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by 2wheelsagain, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. Mods, please move if this is in the wrong forum :wink:
    Can anyone tell me what the condition of the road is from Rosedale (Flyns Creek Rd) to the Hyland Hwy.
    Are all sections sealed? Is it suitable for L's.

    Planning a short tour with Mrs 2 wheelsagain for one day this weekend.

  2. map doesn't work for me
  3. Hmmmm Try This
  4. No Sorry, never travelled that section. Send an email to a fella called Dan, he runs a website that is on the netrider links page. Awesome site. He knows all the roads really well and has helped me out a few times in regards to road conditions, routes etc

    Website - http://ariel.unimelb.edu.au/~ben/mtcv/mcroads/

    This is his email


    Just send him the link to the google map and he will tell you what he knows.

  5. I haven't driven it but my copy of the VicRoads directory suggests a bit of gravel at the Hyland Hwy end.
  6. Ok cool and thanks for the replies.
    We may do the Flyn road instead.
    Just looking for an interesting way to get to that section of the Hyland Hwy then run down to Port Albert. An extra few k's of Princes will be ok.
  7. What a nice little "tour" we had on Saturday.
    Left home about 10:30 and headed for Rosedale via Longford then onto Rosedale - Flynn's Creek Rd where we came across a flip flop across the train tracks, (good for sudden weight shift practice) a very narrow wooden planked bridge (good for target fixation practice) across a couple of nice L's corners and long straights on the single lane 4m wide stretch of sealed road.
    We pulled up at the gravel section and without knowing how much of it was in front of us it was decided to give it a go (Mrs 2wheelsagain has been watching Long Way down). Although gravel, it was in pretty good shape and thankfully only lasted about 1.5km.
    We then hit the Hyland Hwy for the run down to Yarram. I had not ridden this road before and I think it has some potential for some "fun" with nicely cambered and well signed bends, and only a hand full of other roads intersecting it (Grand Ridge Rd being one).
    There was a fair breeze blowing in the open country from Yarram to Port Albert and Mrs 2wheelsagain was not happy with being blown all over the place on the ZZR. I made the mistake of saying it wasn't effecting me, bigger bike and all :LOL:
    We had a picnic lunch whilst anchoring ourselves to the table so as not to be blown to Tasmania! :shock:
    The return trip was uneventful except for the wind and we returned home with 220km added to the speedo's and a lot more experience in reading road conditions on a ride that covered almost all except rain.

    I'm sure we'll be doing this run again.
  8. i lived in foster and raced speedway at rosedale. we took the road from yarram to rosedale a lot and it was always a good road.
    i might be heading up that road this sunday :) on our way to sale for the first day of our 7 day trip :)
    glad you liked it
    hey twowheelsagain easy tiger is looking for u in roads and event planner
  9. It is a great area around there for rides.

    For a great ride head up to the Balook area. Your map wth a change

    Lots of curves, beautiful scenery and not much traffic. Even for Mrs Wheels, just take it nice and slow and it would be great.


  10. Great idea thanks. I've driven it but not ridden. From memory some of those bends on the Tarra Valley Rd are wet all year round which could make life interesting for L's. It has mid week potential though.
    I may have to do a test run with the wick turned up a little :LOL:
  11. My, that map is horribly out of date. Most of Hyland Highway from Traralgon no longer exists due to Loy Yang mine expansion.

    I'm surprised that there's unsealed sectiosn on that road. Workmates who live in Maffra drive that road everyday. Never heard 'em mention it being unsealed. Also, the railway crossing, well, cops like to hang out there and catch drivers not coming to a complete stop before crossing it.
  12. :eek: You've got your roads mixed up. Gravel section was on Rosedale - Flynns Ck Rd not Flynn - Flynns Ck Rd.
    The Hwy is wrong on the map around the mine but we didnt need that section.