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[vic] Roadside assistance

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Masakali, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. couldn't reply to old thread cause its too old, so raising this topic again.

    honda rider assist vs racv... thoughts?

    main issue i would imagine would be transport/towing.
    i only do day trips, so Melbournes twisties are around 100-150km out.

    $69 honda assist pays for 80kms, $119 pays for 160kms.

    racv is $142 first year, $92 for 2nd year so is alot more expensive, but pays for towing to RACV repairer regardless of distance. you can also join up on the spot providing you pay for 2 years on joining, so if i was to go the RACV option, I would probably just join when I first need it.

    how often do bikes run into problems? i do a twistie run once a week.

    any thoughts?
  2. Motorcycling Australia Riders Division. Membership offers roadside assistance (2 calls per year) for $39, and you'll be supporting the cause.

    Have used RACV in the past, and while they got me home, they sometimes have NFI about bikes.
  3. whats cost of joining MARD titus
  4. I was keen to move away from RACV after the horrific presentation they made at the inquiry earlier this year but to be honest, I haven't found anyone who can provide a similar level of service for a similar price. I still feel bad about funding the monster though :(
  5. Forgot your glasses, Goddie? :wink: $39. Let's be honest, it's a bare bones service, but that's ok with me.
  6. RACV only offers two options when called out to a bike:

    1. Fuel
    2. Towing

    I already had Total Care on the car, so the bike is automatically covered at no additional expense. By nominating the bike as the primary vehicle, it means that I'm covered for using any vehicle, and someone else is covered for riding my bike - which happens occasionally (no one else drives the car).

    Due to the limited service options with RACV I was planning on looking around at others, but haven't done it yet so will keep an eye here. What services can MARD offer with their roadside assistance, does anyone know?
  7. HERE's the info Goddie.
  8. thats cheap as chips for peace of mind
  9. thanks Raj :)
  10. MA's ARD is the way to go... and you'll be supporting riders rights.
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  11. fark it, I joined!! figured only need to ever use them once and it pays of for itself

    thanks Titus
  12. I think I might do it as well. Peace of mind is important.
  13. Peace of mind is what its all about I reckon :) had a flashback of when the beemer went into the ditch, imagine paying towing from far out east to Sssnndon,fark that
  14. Me too! Looks like they might have a surge of members today!

    Out of curioisity, the callout fee for a tow is the majority of the cost, so additional km's are neglible? 50km is not much
  15. I think there is a clause in there re: accidents and/or slides etc. and only BREAKDOWNS are covered. Better double check.
  16. well breakdowns IS the time you really need them, when theres an accident the towines jump out of the trees lol
  17. I figured my comprehensive cover would pay for towing if I come off (policy says so), so I only needed breakdown cover. TBH the family car coverage would have probably been enough but I'm so unimpressed with them that I wanted to support someone else. RD was a good fit for me.
  18. I have total care with RACV which covers Car and bike and anyone driving my car. ( the little one wants to learn to drive)
  19. RACV towing for both bikes & cars is only covered for them being unable to get you back on the road. If you have an accident you have to pay the towing company normal rates, no discount.

    Towing for accident is only covered if you have full comprehensive insurance with RACV, & you lodge a claim, and pay any excess.
  20. If it was only me then I'd be with MARD.....

    The missus has the car though - she needs to have a safety net....I got RACV total care for both.