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Vic roads you are unaustralian

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by smee, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. You fukkers!!!!!!
    I just saw on channel 10 news that your remembrance day minute of silence was OPTIONAL for fear it may OFFEND!!!!!!!

    This organisation is responsible for atrocities against motorcyclists and road users in general regarding rules etc and they make one of the most significant moments in history OPTIONAL for fear it may OFFEND!!!!!!!!!!!
    Credit to the head of the organisation for lambasting the idea but his underlings should all be lined up against the wall and shot!
  2. Honestly, who does rememberence day offend?
  3. more here
  4. put your hand up if your company stopped today.

    name them if they didn't
  5. We had three hours of silence. Right in the middle of an exam.
  6. People who shouldn't be living in this country, I reckon.

    If Remembrance Day offends someone, tell them to GTFO.
  7. The people that shouldn't be living in this country or any country for that matter are the fuktards who thought of this shameful policy.
  8. I was snoring at the time.
    Believe the dredges stopped for the time though.
  9. Optional? As opposed to mandatory?
  10. Good. The insulting implication here is that no-one spends any time contemplating the enormous waste of life and resources, except for 1 minute each year.
  11. who cares if they stopped or didn't? there's roughly 525,600 minutes each year, and i'm sure people can choose any one of them to remember them.

    agree with gsxxer.

    i've only ever stopped my life when i was at school and it was mandatory, because i choose other ways to think about it.
  12. I was working for a company owned by Italians & Greeks...they refused to recognise remembrance day and got narky with me when i did.
  13. Remembrance Day is not solely an Australian institution.

    Not so much un-Australian as misanthropic, and therefore Vicroads has offended everyone.
  14. Perhaps I've been working in the wrong places. But in my experience over the past 10 years the only times anythings stoped on Remembrance Day was when I worked for defence...

    I always thought you guys didn't really do it and saved it up for ANZAC day???
  15. Not me.
  16. Lest we forget.
    I am surprised by the lack of respect some people have though, I suppose I shouldn't be.
  17. i know for a fact that the vicroads in sale stopped for a minutes silence, because i was in there.
  18. My current workplace doesn't stop. French company too.
  19. Of those companies who don't stop is it policy like vicroads made or do they leave it up to you?
  20. Left up to us. In fact I intended to ring reception yesterday to get a PA announcement done, but got tied up in a meeting and lost track of time. I think it would have been respected if asked for.