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Vic Roads patrol car on eastern freeway

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by awseome, Oct 16, 2008.

  1. this guy is doing a awesome job, last three days i have seen him pull over trucks with uncovered loads and fining them, makes me particularly happy as one them semis leaking stones chipped my helmet and put a small ding in the fuel tank. when i mentioned it to the driver on the red light at alexandra parade he gave me the finger and asked me to mind my own business. he was pulled over right after the lights.

    there is justice after all

  2. Man, I would have loved to see that! It annoys the hell out of me when trucks spit gravel out the back - even when I'm in the car and not on my bike.
  3. You should have pulled over and taken down his rego, and asked for his licence information. Then taken the details of the booking officer. as a Witness.
    Then sent him a letter of demand for the cost of a replacement tank.
  4. Bingo.

    Then you can say... I'm minding my own business, coz apparently your busines is screwing other people's business around. :p
  5. bugger... never thought of it. i was just happy seeing him booked. could have got a new lid out of him i guess, the stone chip is pretty apparent where it hit me.
  6. In the last 3 months I have taken several hours of video with my helmet mounted Mini Cam mostly of Trucks doing the most incredible things on our High ways and Free ways and I also have a digital, voice activated, voice recorder with the mike taped into the helmet so that I can record the date, time and location of each incident.

    I now plan to write to Vic Roads to ask if they would like the discs with the voice over spliced into the film on Adobe Premiere.

    For the brutally serious offenses I have written contemporaneous Stat Decs and I would be more than happy to give evidence in court.

    The issue of uncovered loads is one dear to my heart as I was nearly killed on the Monash by a young lady in a Camry who swerved into me (Nearly) as the result of a shattered windscreen caused by some metal which had fallen from a scrap metal truck with no cover.

    Had that piece of piping hit one of us we may well not have survived.

    I can also tell you that even if the camera is not recording people get rid of their mobile phones quick smart when they look into the lens as they go past and if trucks are tailgating small cars the back off quickly as well.

    Couldn't our Police be issued with the good Hel-Cams linked to a GPS and simply issue the summons by mail rather than put their own lives in danger trying to pull them over on our Freeways.

    I believe it is time that the real causes of danger and mayhem on our roads is identified and prosecuted rather than the pernicious revenue raising speed cameras which, in my opinion create a more hazardous environment by virtue of the fact that most of us are now watching our speedometers and looking out for camera cars rather than concentrating on safe driving/riding.

    Good on you VIC ROADS.
  7. That's great to see.

    The amount of times some1's done something stupid on the Freeway - to me, or someone else, like tailgate, speed REALLy fast, weaving in traffic like idiots, that sort of thing - and i'd wished there'd been police around, who could book them, but there never was!!! SO it's good to hear they've been out & about recently.

    Cookie, great work with the camera, most admirable :grin:

    gives me hope that the roads could some day become safe again. I've noticed a real downturn in driving skills recently, and respect for fellow road users, there are some real selfish, insensitive people out there these days, and they all seem to be on the road.
  8. BGV Police motorcyclists are instructed (when I last checked) not to attempt to pull over vehicles on Freeways as it is both too dangerous to themselves and other traffic.

    Their cars do but only when it is safe to do so, the VIC ROADS chaps are masters at this game and have the experience to do it, pity is there are not enough of them to go around.

    The Hel-Cam systems are now in use in many countries and would allow Police Motorcyclists to do their job safely and have the evidence on film.

    This could also be used in cars or on bridges and take some of the heat off those of us that speed "just a little"

    My last fine on the Monash was near Pound road 6.30 am on a Saturday speed clocked 106 KMH speed alleged, 102. naughty me. Obviously it was a Tenix car camera as I have never been booked by the cops when I did not well and truly deserve it and in all circumstances they were generous with the speed alleged.

    Just seeing the camera on the helmet causes folk to be careful around you. Many folk who saw it on the Barry Sheene ride were off to get their own.

  9. i"m hoping to get one for the bike :) Need to buy a camera first lol
  10. Many VicPol vehicles are already fitted with forward facing cameras (the fancy painted highway cars are for starters).
  11. How do you know that? Are you a Copper?

  12. It all comes in one $285 from Brighton Bikes and Bits with several different mounts.

    Takes a 2gig SD card which gives you 1 hour of good quality Video (wmv files) Waterproof to 100 feet, stone chip proof and does stills and multiple stills as well as video.

  13. When they debuted the latest batch of VE Crumbledoor versions they showed off the cameras mounted on the dash :p

    Saw it on the News so it must be true :wink:
  14. Got a problem with Coppers? :) :) :)
  15. Not going to bother discussing Police with you again, Cookie, Concentrate on getting yourself prepared for a spanking from Johnny O.
  16. Come on Mighty Mouse, squeak up.