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Vic Roads Officers - Private vehicles

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by I'm Simon, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. Sorry if this has been asked before, but I have had this question posed to me;

    "Do Vic Roads Officer's / vehicles have the power to pull over private vehicles / motorists and issue fines etc ?"

    I thought that the realm of the Vic Roads Officer was purely commercial / heavy transport.
  2. yes they can
  3. Thanks Thera, got a source for this?
  4. I cannot recall from where, might of been on here somewhere. But IIRC it has to do with ensuring road worthiness.
  5. Power to stop under the Road Safety Act

    Section 59 General duty of driver or person in charge of motor vehicle
    (1) The driver or person in charge of a motor vehicle on a highway has the following duties—
    (a) to stop the motor vehicle, produce for inspection his or her driver licence document or permit document and state his or her name
    and address if requested or signalled to do so

    (i) a member of the police force or an officer of the Corporation or of the Department of Infrastructure (being an officer authorised in writing by the Corporation or the Secretary of the Department of Infrastructure, as the case requires, in that behalf); or

    Powers to issue infringemets, Road safety Act again

    Section 88 Traffic infringements
    (1) A person who is referred to in section 77(2)(a), © or (d) who has reason to believe that a person has committed a traffic infringement of a kind that is prescribed for the purposes of this Part may issue or cause to be issued and serve or cause to be
    served on that person a traffic infringement notice.

    (Here's section 77)

    77 Power to prosecute
    (2) The following people may prosecute for any offence against this Act or the regulations—
    (a) any member of the police force;
    © any employee in the Department of Infrastructure who is authorised in writing to do so either generally or in any particular
    case by the Secretary to the Department of Infrastructure;
    (d) any officer of the Corporation who is authorised in writing to do so either generally or in any particular case by the Corporation;

    An Officer of the Corporation is a Vicroads officer
    An Officer of the Department of Infrastructure is A Victorian Taxi Directorate Officer (note dept of infrastructure is now dept of transport)

    Normally they won't bother with normal vehicles, unless you do something stupid, so just behave around them.
  6. But they're not allowed to give chase :grin:
  7. yea they have funky purple flashing lights