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Vic Roads new testing procedure

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by koma, Oct 9, 2005.

  1. All i can say is this is the sort of thing that we SHOULD have to do for the P's test. I mean prove you can actually ride!

    Vic Roads New Testing Procedure

    Chicken strips? What chicken strips? :LOL:
  2. Wow you should have a go at the "postal training" I have to attend every 2 years!! same thing but I get to do it on a CT110 and keep it under 10km/h with paniers full of phone books!!

    On the other note... THIS is a sport for the streat fighters and it is some thing I would love to do!!
  3. You think you could get a CB250 to do that, Koma?

    Oh, and I see your obsession with the VFR is on-going... ;)
  4. I'd forget which way to go :?
  5. I'd remember which way to go because I've seen it here before.
    (Still funny though....)
  6. This has been around before, this guy handles the bike well. If that was the new test not many people would pass.
  7. Damn...first time seeing this...damn that rider is good!
  8. I like that you can see you don't have to hang off the bike to get around corners!

    I must be doing something right if it works for him!!

    :D :D :D
  9. wow, that was some gooooooooood riding !!! I noticed there were no lights or indicators on the bike, is it setup sepcifically for that type of track riding ?