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Vic roads medical report

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Minority153, Mar 27, 2015.

  1. So I had to send in a medical report to vic roads because I'm on some meds. I know I don't have to, but it's the better thing to do.

    I sent it in last Wednesday 18/3, and they still haven't got back to AllStar motorcycle training, the place where I was supposed to go fory learner's on 25/3.

    They said they haven't got around to reviewing my report yet. And they also said they might have to get me to go see a specialist for a more detailed report.

    Anyway, the point is, how long does it usually take them to get back a verdict?

    I'm actually getting to the point of starting to despair about being able to ever get a motorcycle, let alone ride one by myself. :'(
  2. When they get to it..

    Some times it is the next day.. other times 2-3weeks.
  3. plus you most likely will have to be revued anualy for a few years
  4. I feel for you, I've been off the bike for a few weeks due to a med that some days makes walking tricky. But if the authority comes back with an issue or restriction, go get a doctor's opinion. I'm not saying shop around (that would be unethical) meds have varying effects on different individuals, you may be able to get a letter stating it's not an issue for you.
    Despair not, as your treatment progresses you may be able to go on a reduced dose & suffer no side effects or after your condition improves change to something different. Also talk to your doc, there may be other meds that will be acceptable. My wife was put on a drug that made her vomit non stop, yet I take it on a higher dose with zero side effects.
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    I've also found with VICROADS in the past that you get very different results depending who looks at whatever you submit. Try again & you can get a completely different result.

    And hey dude, share the outcome on Netrider, I bet your not the first on this site in this situation. Good Luck.
  6. At licence renewal time my wife did the right thing and told them about the meds she has been on for the last 20 years. She had to get all sorts of forms filled out, and there was talk of not letting her drive until it was all sorted. (She is on thyroxine, a replacement natural hormone). Took about 4 weeks before they got it sorted.

    My son suggested he tell them about the meda he was on for a short time, just before his licence test. My advice, forget about them for a few days. It's just not worth the effort.
  7. I'm confused, all the med ads I've seen people have been swimming, sailing, riding, mountaineering..........
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  8. But are they the same Meds you are trying to tell Vicroads about?
  9. Good news peeps.

    I've heard back from vic roads. So I called vic roads to ask what the hold up was, and they just kind of said they were really busy, rah rah rah. But they said because I had called up they would put a priority on it for the next business day (Monday... Boo :-()

    And the I called up the training centre just to let them know that I had called vic roads, because they were expecting a message back from vic roads too. And they said they'll let me know as soon as they find out on Monday arvo.

    By this point I was getting a bit fidgety about whether or not I'd be able to ride full stop or find out an answer in time for Tuesday's lesson.

    Anyway, training centre called me back an hour later to let me know they had personally contacted vic roads as well, and apparently told them off for taking over a week and a half, and kind screwing around with my ability to get a bike licence. And they told me that I would hear back from them within the hour about vicroads verdict!

    Another hour later, another call from the training centre with all thumbs up from vic roads and a green light for one spot left for the Tuesday lesson. Sweet!

    I've already bought a pack of chocolates for the lady who helped me out at the training centre. :)

    I'm glad I chose to be the squeaky wheel this time XD
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  10. Worth choosing to squeak this time. Irritating when you try to do the right thing and it goes bad..
    Good luck with the lesson & enjoy yourself
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  11. Congratulations on your win against the bureaucracy and good luck with your test, just relax and enjoy yourself in the training and test, you'll love it. I know I did.
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  12. Thanks for the support guys :)