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[Vic]roads Lams site, ya happy now cejay? :)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by smee, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. So basically if you own a bike on the 261 - 660 Lams list, its a Gutless POS? :shock:
  2. Not really...

    Many of the LAMS-approved, <660cc, <150kW/tonne limit have a much stronger power/weight ratio than any of the 250cc inline-4 RR bikes. Even the civilised, tame ones like the 2000-2007 BMW F650CS and GS.

    And they don't have to be revved out to 14,000rpm to get to the meat of the powerband either. :)

    The people who really benefit from LAMS are those who would like a low-revving lazy bike such as a cruiser or standard - the 250cc versions of those truely are gutless. LAMS gives those people the opportunity to have the same useful power/weight as the RR crowd.
  3. And some of the LAMS bikes have a very impressive torque/weight ratio as well. I'd hardly consider some of the motards on there as being "gutless", especially if you've seen how fast some people can ride them.
  4. I was told by the little birdie on the VicRoads phone today that she was given an FAQ email to state to phone enquiries.....

    1st June 2008 is day one of LAMS!

    However website still not updated and the email she had referred her to the RTA LAMS list.

  5. Shouldn't the state be in the title....? I mean, Vicroads could be referring to the age of the bitumen?

    The Vicroads website hasn't been updated in ages and the FAQ and further details sections are the same now as before Xmas. For something that is rumoured to be introduced within 2 months and that will affect quite a few people, you'd think that additional information would have been provided by now.
  6. Bike Differences

    I just checked the list of bikes from VicRoads website.

    Despite professing to want to standardise with NSW,SA and TAS in regards to LAMS, there is different bikes in the lists.

    Case in point, Honda XR600R
    NSW = OK
    SA = OK
    TAS = OK
    VIC = Not OK (Not in List)

    TAS even has a form for unlisted bikes you can send to their tranport authority should your bike not be listed, but meet LAMS criteria.

    VicRoads flatly states if the bike is not on the list, it is not allowed, regardless of the fact that it meets LAMS regulations.

    List of VIC bikes is now on the VicRoads Website

    Why must Victoria live in the dark ages still..

    The reason for my concern, is that having recently acquired my Learners Permit, I checked the VicRoads website, which suggested that LAMS would be introduced mid-2008. It also provided a link to the RTA (NSW) LAMS approved motorcycles. On that list is a Honda XR600R, so having seen one come up at the right price, I purchased, in the full belief that once LAMS was up and running in VIC, all would be sweet..

    I have emailed VicRoads, with no response...but at this stage its fair to say I'm a bit disapointed..

  7. Re: Bike Differences

    Second to that, Hubie recently (Sun Mar 23, 2008 1:42 pm) suggested that if you get your L's before LAMS comes in, then you are subject to the <260cc law. If you get your L's after LAMS begins, then you're subject to that.

    Call VIC Roads to confirm this - Hubie did say he hasn't confirmed this, but it is his understanding. (Was mine too).

    Good luck mate.


    EDIT: was just reading some more about LAMS here (from mattb's thread), and found this (emphasis mine):

    7. I obtained my learner permit or licence before 1 June 2008, what restrictions apply to me?
    LAMS will apply to all riders who obtained their learner permit on or after 1 June 2008. Riders who have been issued a learner permit prior to 1 June 2008 will be able to ride any of the motorcycles under the current 260cc restriction as well as any of the additional motorcycles approved under LAMS after the scheme is introduced.

    So there you go. Thought I may as well complete this post, as it was quite relevant. Cheers.
  8. Yeah, I read that bit..quite fortunate in that I can ride 2 smoke screamers all the way to a 660cc tourer..

    My issue is why does each state have a separatle list? They are quadrupling the work..Why does VIC have a vastly different list to any other state?

    Given the rules are the same. i.e. <150kw/tonne where you take dry weight of the bike, add 80kgs rider + 10kg fuel/fluids and divide by KW and multiply by 1000 which gives you the KW/tonne measure..

    I just don't get why state governments are trying to make life so difficult.?
  9. Politics. Insert roll-eye smiley here.
  10. It's there only reason for being there.
  11. Can anyone confirm this?

    I wouldn't mind buying a bike and storing it in the garage for a week or two but if i end up storing it for months and months..
  12. friend of mine said today she received an email, it has been pushed back to mid june. so dont expect it too soon. i'd be surprised if it wasnt in by 1st July though, they need to hurry up really.
  13. No harm in doing that if you've got the spare cash, prices may go up after it comes in. (just a little)

    That's what I did, found a bike for a great price and have it stored in the shed.... most of the time. :wink:
  14. 1st of July always was the target date. The current LAMS list is still provisional - there's a long list of bikes with queries against them which has been passed over to VMAC rider and industry reps to review. Most of these are not going to be a problem since they are straight forward.

    VicRoads will be updating lists fairly frequently over the first few months. At the moment bikes will NOT be on there if there's even the smallest doubt. They will be held off until they can be reviewed. It's far easier and more sensible to have to add them later, rather than have to take them off and grant all sorts of exceptions to people who have bought them in good faith because they saw them on the list.

    One thing that's coming out is that there's a lot of motards and high-performance dirt bikes etc which may not be on the list. Essentially if a manufacturer or importer says that it's not suitable for learners (and there's been some cases of that) then even if it's "officially" under the ratio then it won't make the cut. That's one big reason why the NSW list wasn't taken lock, stock and barrel.

    New bikes will be added as the information comes through - the list will be reviewed from time to time and bikes that are disproportionately involved in crashes will be looked at thoroughly to see if they should still be on the list.
  15. thanks for the info
  16. im looking at getting me l's would you recomend pushing to try get them before the LAMS come in or after...
  17. only if you want to ride any of the 250's that won't be available under LAMs