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[Vic] Roads around Neerim and Powelltown

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by heffa, Nov 4, 2007.

  1. It's a quiet day at work, so I've been mooching thru Google Maps and planning some rides. One route I'm planning involves going along the Yarra Junction - Noojee rd via Powelltown. I haven't been out that way in about 15 years and I'm wondering if this road is now sealed. Does anyone know for sure?
    Here is the stretch I'm worried about.

    Also can anyone recommend some good roads from Neerim back to the eastern suburbs round the southern way, sort of round the Gembrook / Maryknoll way?
  2. Yep, been sealed for years A bit narrow in spots and no runoff areas, but nice twisties. Can be wet, even if weather is dry and often see 'roos.

    Good road, though
  3. I have a book called biatch'n Bituman that has that section of road in it. They mention that the road has excellent twisties but can be let down in the surface condition department with repairs and even gravel on the road in some places. It is used by logging trucks and some of the roads edges can be eroded, so take care.
  4. cheers guys. I might just give it a casual ride sometime anyway, before planning anything major.
    Yeah I remember the fantastic twisties from when I was a kid. Even in gravel it was a great drive. There's some fantastic hiking trails round there too.
  5. Hi Heffa. I did this road last weekend and we came around a corner to find a tree across most of the rd. We went around it and tried to move it but to no avail. Also plenty of leaf litter on the rd and a bit of gravel here and there. So take care if you're going along this rd..esp with the weather we've been having.

    I'll be heading back to that rd this Friday. Even with the crap on the rd I had a ball...and yep, it's all sealed. :)
  6. sealed all the way to baw baw
  7. I rode the road for the first time over the weekend. Had a hell of a lot of fun on it.

    Given the right conditions I would highly recommend it.
  8. Not only is it sealed, it leads into the icy creek road out of Noojee which is a bit of a belter!
  9. Sweet! I have some veeeerry vague memories of that road. There are some waterfalls up there somewhere, yeah?
  10. Not sure about the waterfalls but i've been up there 3 times this week and its a lot of fun