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Vic roads _ new road laws

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by TonyE, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. Road safety reasons
    Motorcyclists are amongst the most vulnerable of all road users. They are 34 times more likely to be killed or seriously injured in a crash than car drivers and passengers.

    This is not a reason to pass laws. This could justify passing any laws. Not good.
  2. 34??? Don’t you mean 38???
    Oh no that’s right we are just making these numbers up as we go so we can pick any numbers we like :evil:
  3. FWIW Sheldon has just commented that Vicroads have been "getting these lines right for some time now", supposedly in preparation for the introduction of this rule change.
    This is the Vicroads public stance on markings - "We've already fixed them all the way we want them".
    In other words, what we've got now is all they intend to give us. How many people can give examples of road markings being revised to account for it in, say, the last 18 months?
  4. This means that if you are travelling along City Rd from the Arts Centre towards South Melbourne you have a couple of 5 or 6 metre sections of broken lines where you can change lanes, which is a bit rough when the 3 lanes all go to different places. Too bad if you can't change lanes in that little gap in the single white line - VicRoads hopes you will enjoy your trip to St Kilda or the City instead of South Melbourne where you may have actually wanted to go.

    I saw another example of this the other day out near my brother's place, where the Greensborough Bypass feeds on to the start of the Western Ring Rd. If you don't get over into that feed lane within the first few metres you have missed your chance.

    Seems ridiculous to me.
  5. this quote i copy pasted from the "DRIVERS new rules for drivers" section on the side bar > http://www.roadrules.vicroads.vic.gov.au/10_rule_drivers_.html

    and paste > "If two vehicles, for example a bicycle and a car or two motorcycles, are travelling in the same single marked lane and one vehicle diverges to the left or right within the marked lane, the diverging vehicle must give way. "unquote.

    either i'm not interpretting it properly, or i am interpretting it properly and i really don't like it.
    i think that means if i opt for the left tire track in the lane, or the right hand tire track in my lane: any car behind me is free to over take me inside that lane, with me still in it...???

    taken literally as any legislation should be and is> that's what it means...i can be undertaken or overtaken in the same lane by a car or even a ****ing B-double semi...taken literally "two vehicles" can mean any two vehicles that are road registered

    it states "if two vehicles" then gives examples :a bicycle and a car, :two motorcycles....it does not specify > a motorcycle and a car...but those were only "examples" of two "vehicles"


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  6. And me! Imagine all the cars that are going to suddenly realise they are in the wrong lane at the last minute. They'll be even worse than usual!

    Also, when I was riding today, I noticed that virtually at every intersection, the line between lanes is unbroken for several car lengths leading up to the intersection. Does this mean that if we are filtering to the front at traffic lights and go over the other side of the line, as you invariably have to do, that we are breaking this new law? (not that this stopped me filtering.....:))

  7. The way I read that, by reference to the diverging vehicle - it means that the person who wants to change their position in the lane has to yield. So if the rider or car in the right of the lane wants to move to the left of the lane, they have to give way. To best effect this they would slow down and pull in behind the other vehicle.

    I hope that helps. :driver:
  8. That's the way I read it too, but it completely contradicts the 'zip merging' rule. Whoever is in 'front' has right of way.

    It also contradicts the 'passing' rules, in that you aren't allowed to pass a vehicle on the left unless they are turning right.

    Way to simplify things VicRoads. :tantrum:
  9. Good points. I believe the difference with the 'zip merging' rule is where two lanes come into one or if it is a wide single lane getting thinner then both vehicles are diverging so the vehicle in front would have right of way.

    As far as the passing rule goes, yes I can see issues with that. I would have to have a closer look at how that is affected in the new rules.
  10. Monkeyman's Picture --> Sums up exactly my attitude to these new rules. They are bullshit. I heard the spin-doctoring on the radio today; sad that John Faine didn't call the new rules for what many were saying - merely "well, it may seem silly (to paraphrase) but we all have to get used to it."

    Bugger that, just pick and choose your place, people.

    And, the suggestion that it's safer to pull into a private driveway and _back_ onto the street is safer then doing a U-turn is hard to imagine - You still need to cross the line, and then you need to do _ANOTHER_ hazardous manoeuvre.
  11. thanks Day and fekkinell for your interpretations....i just then interpreted it another way, being i am now legally allowed to split moving traffic or filter to the front...all i have to say is the vehicle ahead of me was clearly to the left or right in the lane...and technically anything that is not dead centre is left or right.

    the whole thing is ambiguous to say the least and riddled with loop holes.

    i cannot believe they did'nt even bother to get someone with a legal background to proof read it.

    people will cop fines for disobeying these 'rules'...they will fight them in court, where they will be subjected to "reasonable interpretation".

    what exactly is a 'road rule' anyway?...is it an act of law?...is it a code of conduct?...is it a regulation?...is it just a list suggestions, helpfull hints and tips?

    this is just ridiculous!!!....what is wrong with these clowns??...i could get seriously hurt out there because of someones interpretation of this crap!