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Vic Roadrace Champs, P/Island 12/13th Aug

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Johnny O, Aug 2, 2006.

  1. Hey Guy's,

    The last round of the Victorian Roadrace Championships is on next weekend at Phillip Island, $5 to get on Sat, $20 to get in on Sunday or $20 for a two day pass.

    No extra charge to get into the pits. I'm running the Benelli tractor down there, if you come down, come and say g'day.
  2. Results = Johnny O highsided coming out of the turn at the bottom of Lukey Heights! 1 fractured tibia last seen getting a free ride to Dandenong Hospital! Good luck & good healing Johnny O.
  3. Heal well johnny :)

    We'll have to get some music pumpin in the ward and bring the ravers to you :LOL:
  4. Heal quickly Johnny O....

    on the up side, think of the nurses :cool:
  5. Speedy Recovery Johnny O.
  6. Crap. Sad to hear of it. Recover quickly and well Johnny. How'd the bike fare?
  7. My son rang me this morning to say he was sitting at Lukey when this happened, pretty bloody spectacular by all accounts, poor bugger lost a good set of leathers too as they had to cut them off.

    Heal quick mate....... it's gotta be worth a few drinks in the retelling.
  8. Sorry to hear it dood.
    Will it be red or white wine with your dinner on Thursday and Friday night?

    See you then :)
  9. Shit Johnny, that f*cken sucks mate. F*ck.

    I suppose it'll put you out of the GP support race too. What a bastard, I bet you were looking forward to that one.

    Is the van and everything still stuck up at the island? Anything we can do to help out, you got my number. Real sorry to hear about this.
  10. Which bike??
  11. Soory to hear about your off mate...hope you heal quickly and get back on her soon!
  12. the Bennelli.
  13. both bikes and van being brought back yesterday thanks to "latte munkey" Johnny was on his own down there but the help he got from other racers & race control was fantastic! I offered my help but as I had ridden down there wasn't much I could do except play gofer!
  14. Sweet, onya Bren.
  15. also thanks to phill (blueR1) he drove one of the vans back and helped out also.

    johnny good luck healing up mate not another operation to add to your extensive list!!! :cry:

    get well soon buddy- visit soon
  16. Bugger! :cry:

    Here's to a speedy recovery Johnny!
  17. Geez John, I know how much you were looking forward to the GP race!!

    Heal well sir "O Show" we will probably be down to see you Monday or Tuesday night..
  18. I spoke to a drugged up 'O Show' and he may be on his way soon to another hospital, where latte monkey (the legend) had his knee opp....

    I am sure that Bren will update everyone!!!

    Get well soon johnny..... I will be bringing chocolate !! Get those xrays out.... we need to compare!

  19. Not good to hear :( Heal quick Johnny O, we've still got to take ya around Gippy :)
  20. Hi all

    Johnny o is being moved at 2 the Avenue in windsor today.

    He is in good spirits and is getting operated on monday some time .

    Will try and keep you all posted.

    He came of on the exit of MG as he turned the power on , dont know any more than that.